Performer of the Month for Another World

for November 1998

Stephen Schnetzer

(Cass Winthrop)

Background Information:

Stephen Schnetzer was raised in Canton, Massachusetts. He graduated from the University of Massachusetts and studied drama at the Juilliard School and American Conservatory Theatre. He is married to his former One Life To Life co-star, Nancy Snyder. Stephen also appeared as Steve Olsen on Days of Our Lives. He also has appeared in numerous theatre productions.

Storyline Information:

Cass Winthrop came to Bay City in July 1983, the same year Felicia Gallant (Linda Dano) arrived. Since his arrival, the laywer has been involved in many romances. In 1989, Frankie Frame (Alice Barrett) came to Bay City and set her sights on Cass. They later married and had a daughter, Charlie. A couple of years ago, Frankie was brutally murdered. Cass was devastated, yet picked up the pieces for his daughter. He had many friends to help him through it, especially Felicia. Currently, Cass would like to be involved with Lila Roberts Cory, yet Lila is attracted to Matt Cory for the Cory money. Lila and Matt recently had a baby, Jasmine, from their one night affair. In February, Alice Barrett is returning and there are rumors flying that she will be involved with Cass, though not as Frankie. It would be great to see this dynamic duo together again.

My friends and I got the chance to meet Alice and Stephen about six years ago backstage at a talk show. They were really nice and did not mind talking to a couple of teenage girls about themselves and their characters. I have great pictures of Alice and her daughter, Stephen and I, which I hope to scan and post here one day soon.

All background info. and some storyline info. was provided by The Ultimate Soap Opera Guide by Seli Groves. Published by Stearn Publishers Ltd. in 1995.
Current storyline info. was provided by by myself.

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