Soap Diva's First Annual Soap Opera Awards

Results for the Best and Worst of 1998

Nominees were selected by Soap Diva web page readers and the Soap Diva.
Winners were selected by my web page readers. Thank you to all who voted.
The percentage beside the winners is the percentage of people who voted for the winners.

Best Soap

General Hospital
Days of our Lives
Another World
Port Charles
The Young and the Restless

And the winner is...General Hospital (45%)

Please Note: Another World was close behind with 43% of the votes.

Worst Soap

The Bold and the Beautiful
Days of our Lives
As the World Turns
Sunset Beach
The Young and the Restless

And the winner is...Sunset Beach (42%)

Best Actor

Tom Eplin (Jake, AW)
Ingo Rademacher (Jax, GH)
Kin Shriner (Scott, PC)
Drake Hogestyn (John, Days)
Tony Geary (Luke, GH)

And the winner is...Tom Eplin (Jake, AW) (56%)

Best Actress

Vanessa Marcil (Brenda, GH)
Jensen Buchanan (Vicky, AW)
Lynn Herring (Lucy, PC)
Judi Evans Luciano (Paulina, AW)
Genie Frances (Laura, GH)

And the winner is...Jensen Buchanan (Vicky, AW) (45%)

Best Younger Actor

Jonathan Jackson (Lucky, GH)
Tyler Christopher (Nikolas, GH)
Jensen Ackles (Eric, Days)
Ryan Brown (Bill, GL)
David Fumero (Cristian, OLTL)

And the winner is...Jonathan Jackson (Lucky, GH) (71%)

Best Younger Actress

Rebecca Herbst (Liz, GH)
Amber Tamblyn (Emily, GH)
Alison Sweeney (Sami, Days)
Anastasia Horne (Lark, PC)
Taylor Stanley (Remy, AW)

And the winner is...Rebecca Herbst (Liz, GH) (56%)

Worst Character

Tony Jones(GH)
Marley Love(AW)
Matt (PC)
Ali (Days)
Jordan Stark (AW)

And the winner is...Ali (Days)(28%)

Pleae Note: Tony (GH) was close behind with 25% of the votes.

Best Couple

Jax & Brenda (GH)
Liz & Lucky (GH)
Scott & Lucy (PC)
Cass & Lila (AW)
Bo & Hope (Days)

And the winner is...Liz and Lucky (GH)(51%)

Worst Couple

Nikolas & Katherine (GH)
Laura & Stefan (GH)
Victoria & Neil (Y&R)
Mike & Ali (Days)
Matt & Ellen (PC)

And the winner is...Katherine and Nikolas (GH) (43%)

Best Marriage

Mac & Felicia (GH)
Jake & Vicky (AW)
Hallie & Mateo (AMC)
Edward & Lila (GH)
Josie & Gary (AW)

And the winner is...Vicky and Jake (AW) (61%)

Worst Marriage

Lila & Matt (AW)
Vivian & Stefano (Days)
Luke & Laura (GH)
Cole & Ashley (Y&R)
Ridge & Brooke (B&B)

And the winner is...Vivian and Stefano (Days) (65%)

Best Triangle/Quadrangle

Sonny, Jax, Brenda (GH)
Cass, Lila, Matt (AW)
Lucy, Kevin, Eve, Scott (PC)
Luke, Laura, Stefan, Katherine (GH)
Austin, Carrie, Mike, Ali (Days)

And the winner is...Sonny, Brenda and Jax (GH) (50%)

Worst Triangle/Quadrangle

Hope, Bo, Billie, Roman (Days)
Sam, Max, Blair (OLTL)
Robin, Jason, Carly (GH)
Josie, Gary, Cameron, Amanda (AW)
Karen, Joe, Courtney (PC)

And the winner is...It's a tie!...(1)Robin, Jason and Carly (GH) (34%) and (2) Gary, Josie, Cameron, and Amanda (AW) (34%)

Best Vixen

Sami (Days)
Cindy (AW)
Carly (GH)
Brooke (B&B)
Eve (PC)

And the winner is...It's another tie!...(1)Carly (GH) (37%) and (2)Cindy (AW) (37%)

Best Villian

Grant (AW)
Stefano (Days)
Todd (OLTL)
Tony (GH)
Greg Cooper (PC)

And the winner is...Grant (AW) (45%)

Best Newcomer

Anastasia Horne (Lark, PC)
Michael Rodrick (Cameron, AW)
Patrika Darbo (Nancy Wesley, Days)
Alla Korot (Allie, AMC)
Constance Towers (Helena, GH)

And the winner is...Michael Rodrick (Cameron, AW) (34%)

Best Recast

Sandra Ferguson (Amanda, AW)
Marie Alise Recasner (Ellen, PC)
Matt Crane (Matt, AW)
Nadine Stenovitch (Josie, AW)
Timothy Gibbs (Kevin, OLTL)

And the winner is...Sandra Ferguson (Amanda, AW) (41%)

Hottest Female

Vanessa Marcil (Brenda, GH)
Jensen Buchanan (Vicky, AW)
Kristian Alfonso (Hope, Days)
Lynn Herring (Lucy, PC)
Sharon Case (Sharon, Y&R)

And the winner is...Jensen Buchanan (Vicky, AW) (51%)

Please Note: Vanessa Marcil (Brenda, GH) was not too far behind with 45% of the votes.

Hottest Male

Steve Burton (Jason, GH)
Ingo Rademacher (Jax, GH)
Tom Eplin (Jake, AW)
Joshua Morrow (Nick, Y&R)
Eddie Cibrian (Cole, SB)

And the winner is...Tom Eplin (Jake, AW) (49%)

Best Mystery

Who Killed Kristen? (Days)
General Hospital Homicide (PC)
Who Killed Georgie? (OLTL)
Swamp Girl (Days)
Lumina (AW)

And the winner is...It's a tie!...(1)Who Killed Kristen? (Days) (34%) and (2)General Hospital Homicide (PC) (34%)

Please Note: Lumina (AW) close behind with 31% of the votes.

Best Tear-Jerker

Brenda's "death" and flashback scenes (GH)
Shane & Michael's deaths (AW)
Billie lost her baby (Days)
Liz's rape (GH)
Camille's breast cancer (ATWT)

And the winner is...Brenda's death (GH) (43%)

Best Storyline

Liz's Rape (GH)
Jax, Sonny, Brenda Triangle (GH)
Swamp Girl (Days)
50 Million Dollar Baby (ATWT)
Luke & Laura's Past Revisited (GH)
Brooke's Trial (AMC)
Terror Island (SB)
Eileen Davidson's Quadruplet Role (Days)

And the winner is...Liz's Rape (GH) (51%)

Worst Storyline

Alan's Drug Addiction (GH)
Mind Control (Days)
Lumina (AW)
Marley Gone Mad (AW)
Matt & the Mafia (PC)
The Two Mrs. Newmans (Y&R)
Turkey-Baster Pregnancy (SB)

And the winner is...Alan's Drug Addiction (GH) (29%)

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