Yay! Inspiration to write again, courtesy of a new spin on a 60 year-old legend.

Talitha Cumi
-- Lana keeps on getting up (for Livia's SV X-Title Challenge)

Once Upon a Bridge
-- a fractured fairy tale

Looking Glass (NC-17)
-- in the basement with Tina and Clark (a Visage missing scene for the SVFF Challenge)

That Good Night (Decepticon Mecha Mix)
-- Clark and Lex will be together forever (for We Invented the Remix Redux 2003)

Wednesday 100 drabbles (community info)
"Stories in 100 words, not 100 words of a story."
Sympathy Pains
-- Clark and Lex are breaking up. Show it from another person's point of view.
City Confidential
-- In, under, above, entering, or exiting Metropolis.
The Sweet Science
-- Alternate universe.
Collector's Item
-- Alternate universe.
Daddy's Girl (NC-17)
-- I want it fast and hard this week and I want to be feeling it tomorrow. A quickie, in one hundred words.
-- Clark and Lex holding hands.
Boy Toy
-- Through the eyes of any Smallville character, describe their favourite person, place, or thing.

Servant of the Empire
-- finders keepers - a few minutes makes all the difference
Flesh and Blood
-- promises in the dark
Happy Families
-- Clark doesn't want a stepmother (a Wednesday 100 drabble)

Courtesy of the lovely Andariel. Apply here.

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