Couch List

The Simpsons all fit... but only just!

Bart goes flying and is seen landing in front of the TV

The couch collapses under the weight of the Simpsons

Homer falls onto the floor

Maggie goes flying but Marge catches her on the way down

The couch is a fold-up bed

The Simpsons dance

The couch falls through the floor

Maggie pops out of Marge's hair

The couch tips over and Maggie falls on a cushion

Grampa is already on the couch, asleep

Santa's Little Helper and Snowball II manage to fit on the couch with the Simpsons

The couch is missing

No-one fits except Homer

The couch flips over

The couch falls backwards and smashes through the wall, with The Simpsons still on it, leaving a big, uniquely shaped hole

Homer sits on Santa's Little Helper

The Simpsons make a human pyramid

Bart goes flying and lands on everyone else

The couch is cushionless

The Simpsons sit on the couch as it is being stolen, they then fall off it onto the floor without even noticing and the burglars take off with the couch

The Simpsons cartwheel their way to the couch

The Simpsons bounce on the couch

Everyone bumps heads but Maggie

Homer lays on the couch, everyone else sits on him

A space mutant is sitting on the couch, who quickly disappears

The Flintstones are already sitting on the couch

The couch turns into a monster

The wall turns around and the couch goes behind the wall

The Simpsons run too far, out of the cartoon

The couch deflates

The wrong heads are on the wrong bodies

The couch is replaced by a tiny chair, which they all somehow manage to fit onto

The Simpsons start to do the can-can, when the lounge room is replaced by a circus, with more dancers, elephants, trapeze artists and jugglers on unicycles

The couch is huge and the Simpsons are tiny

Many other Springfield citizens rush into the room

The Simpsons get caught in a net

There is a family, identical to the Simpsons, already seated on the couch

The Simpsons and the couch are stamped on by a giant foot

The couch is just a painting

The Simpsons have to share the couch with a stranger, who takes up most of the couch

The Simpson eyes sit on the couch

The living room is the set of The David Letterman Show.

The Simpsons run into each other and smash into pieces

The Simpsons run into each other and explode

The Simpsons are hiding behind the couch

The Simpsons run into each other and create a monster

There are two couches, so the Simpsons split in half

The Simpsons bounce onto the couch

The living room is flooded

The Simpsons sit on an invisible couch

The Simpsons are beamed down, Star Trek style

The Simpsons bounce off the couch and get stuck in the ceiling

The couch, plus the back wall, keeps moving backwards as the Simpsons chase it

The Simpsons run past the couch

Some of the Simpsons float

A take-off of James Bond

The Simpsons look like the original Mickey Mouse in a black and white couch opening

The Simpsons stand in a police line-up

The couch is a huge fax machine

The Simpsons are the Brady Bunch

The Simpsons drive around the living room in tiny cars

The Simpsons are spray-painted

The Simpsons are small robots

The Simpsons are bowling pins

The Simpsons are skeletons

The Simpsons are sucked down a giant drain

The Simpsons are swimming in an aquarium

The Simpson heads are on the wall, like a game hunter's trophies

The Simpsons sit on the couch and the mice in the mouse-hole beside the couch sit on their own little couch

Bart glows strange colours, Homer hits the TV and then Bart to make him stop glowing

The Simpsons are on a computer screen

The Simpsons come in on parachutes, Homer lands on the floor with an unopened chute on his back

The couch sits on the Simpsons

The simpsons are running across one of the different walls in the living room---which are each a different set of stairs.

Santa's Little Helper is already on the couch and as the Simpsons run to sit on it, he growls and they back away.

The Grim Reaper is sitting on the couch, the Simpsons all drop dead on the living room floor

The Simpsons never make it to the couch, because the front door is locked and Homer can't get it open.

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