Hi Welcome to my software section. Below is some fun and useful software!

Ms Plus Themes

Simpsons Theme 1 for MS Plus
Has mugshots for wallpaper and duff beer icons.

Simpsons Theme 2 for MS Plus
Good Wallpaper. Try it!

Simpsons Theme 3 for MS Plus
Based on the stonecutters episode.

Animated Simpsons Cursors


Other programs

Save Springfield from a nuclear meltdown. Runs on Macs.
Simpsons .Wav Files In ZIP Format
This archive has 9 cool sounds including Barney burping, Homer's Flinstone song, Homer in 3D and Professor Frink trying to explain the concept of a third dimension.
The Akbar Font
Type just like The Simpsons.
The Simpsons Episode Guide For DOS
The Simpsons Episode Guide For Windows 3.1
The Simpsons Episode Guide For Windows 95
The Simpsons Cartoon Studio
The Simpsons Cartoon Studio makes you writer, director and producer of The Simpsons. You have total control and have to choose everything that goes in it!This program is heaps of fun!
The Simpsons Trivia Game
The aim of this game is to answer enough Simpsons questions correctly to save Springfield from a nuclear meltdown.There are also fun bonus rounds, including one where you get to kill Bart's enemies with the mouse.
Simpsons Gunshy
A tile matching game.
The Simpsons (attempt to)Play Othello
Play othello with The Simpsons! Includes sounds.

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