Personal Favorite Transformers

Here is a list of my personal favorite Transformers. Included are toys as well as cartoon chars for all genre of Transformers.

G1 Toys

Hot Spot:
Leader of the Protectobots, this was the first 'large' toy I ever purchased. This toy had a real metal chestplate and real rubber wheels (when they made REAL transformers!) I like the shade of blue they used for some reason, and the working ladder was also a nice feature. The first gestalt figure that had the head included in the leader (under the ladder, nicely hidden) instead of as a seperate piece. Best of all he was a 'gestalt' leader AND he had a total of 4 forms, robot, fire engine, transport and repair bay! They don't make them like this anymore...
Leader of Computron, this toy has nice colors and looks good in each of it's three forms! I also liked the clicking sounds it made while transforming, as well as the trigger button for it's nose cannon. This toy is also very easy to pose. He even looks good as part of Computron, one of the only gestalts whose color scheme was both reasonable (no neon) and matched all the members.
Optimus Prime:
I wanted this toy since the day I first saw it. It wasn't until a few years ago that I was finally able to purchase one. Well worth the wait. This is THE classic Transformer toy, 8^)
Another classic transformer that I wasn't able to get until recently. Being a Robotech fan just increased my desire to get this toy, not to mention that it is a well made toy with three forms!
Fortress Maximus:
I was never able to get this toy (but still looking!). The size of it alone makes it an excellent toy! I also like the double headmaster feature which in my opinion qualifies him as a 'gestalt'.

G2 Toys

Laser Rod Optimus Prime:
All time favorite, was worth the $40! This toy used all of the gimmicks from the G2 line, and did it right. There are enough projectiles on this toy to keep any kid busy (and most co-workers too!)
GREAT poseability and it looks stunning in both modes! This reminds me so much of the Veritech toy I so foolishly traded away in my youth... I think the tiger pattern works on this toy.

Beast Wars Toys

This toy looks good in both modes, especially the robot mode. Also it has the best looking hidden weapons out of all the Beast Wars toys. The poseability is unbelievable on this toy, I've had him balanced on one leg with no problem.
Has THE best color scheme of ANY Beast Wars toy. Also looks good in both forms. I had a hard time finding this toy which is probably another reason that I like it so much!
McDonald's Beast Wars Beetle:
This toy is worth more than it's $1 cost. It is a tad bright, but the colors seem to work on this toy for some reason! Very simple transform but it looks decent in both modes. Has more poseability than you would expect for a toy of this class. I actually like this one better than some of the toys in the regular beast!

Machine Wars Toys

This toy looks good in both vehicle and robot modes. The transformation is simple, but logical. The colors also work well for this toy. The toy is fairly large, but is not as poseable as I had hoped. Still all and all my favorite of the Machine Wars toys!

G1 Cartoon

Optimus Prime:
When I think of a Transformer, Prime always comes to mind. Literally the 'perfect' leader/hero (too perfect). It took me the longest time to get the toy, but at least I had the cartoon character to look up to!
Me Grimlock is smartest of Dinobots! What else need I say!?

Beast Wars Cartoon:

Ever since the first episode I have liked this guy. He's got an attitude like you wouldn't believe! But he has the experience and the skills to take care of himself!
Literally the strong silent type. A strong team player, he seems to put others before himself, all his actions are for the good of the team (example: I think 'he' voted for DinoBot in chain of command to keep him from storming off). Rhinox seems to be a well experienced veteran, also his knowledge and reasoning skills have been proven time and time again, especially in respect to the alien devices. Of course it doesn't hurt that he has some of THE baddest weapons around!
Tigatron is another strong silent type, as well as a loner. He like Rattrap, and Rhinox is an experienced veteran. He has proven to be quite useful on solo missions, especially at tracking down enemies. He is the closest thing to a true pacifist that we will see on the show, he can be violent, but it doesn't quite suit him.

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