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By far the most popular sections seem to be the pictures of KnockOff Transformer toys as well as the pics of other Transforming toy lines. Those links immediately follow:




Gobots, Superhuman Samurai, Fake Transformers, Other Lines

These items are NOT for sale, I cannot respond to any offers to purchase these items. The best online source of these items is the newsgroup:


All Things Transformers

Here is my contribution to the ever growing community of robot fans. I have loved/collected these toys since grade school and still collect them today. While my page focuses mostly on Transformers some of the links will allow you to explore other related topics, enjoy!

If there are any pages which are hard to read, or which just don't 'look' right, let me know so that I can determine if it should be reworked.

My TF Code is:
G++++ FR/FW- M #279 #T399 #G065 #R000 D+++ ADA N++ W++ B++++ OQ BC94 BC95 BC96++ BC97++ BC98 MU- OM+ P225 CN:CujoMutt

I include Beast Wars, Machine Wars, and toys that are clones of any toy in the Transformers line in the above count. Gobots and toys that are not based on TF chars are NOT included.

# denoted count of TF's without duplicates

#T denotes count of all TFs, including duplicates

#G denotes count of all Gobots, including duplicates

#R denotes count of all Transforming/Merging robot toys

If a toy was available seperately (except for gestalts) it is counted

My sig is obviously still very much in progress due to cataloging...

Links to Other Transformers Related Resources

I used to consider myself an expert on Transformers, that is, until I got online and found people whose knowledge matched, and even surpassed mine! Following is a partial list to some of the numerous other Transformers related resources on the net!

Note: If I am supposed to have a link to your page here, but have forgotten to add it, please email me your site.

News Groups:


Web Pages:


Beast Wars Sites:


Machine Wars Sites:

FTP Sites:

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