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This page is a list of the other Misc items in my Transformer's collection. I'm always looking to expand my collection with fun items.

These items are NOT for sale, I cannot respond to any offers to purchase these items. The best online source of these items is the newsgroup:

Tomart's Encyclopedia & Price Guide to Action Figures Collectibles


This book is WELL worth the $25 price! It is an encyclopedia of all known toy lines between 'Star Wars' and 'Zybots'. I was able to find pictures of nearly EVERY toy in both the Transformers and SuperHuman Samurai toy lines (half of the TF pics and all of the Samurai pics were B&W pics only). There were also suggested list prices given for the toys as well. A VERY useful guide, just for the pictures alone, 8^).

BotCon '94 Ten-Year Retrospective

'Retrospective' was also well worth it's price to get. The 'Retrospective' was first available at Botcon '94 and offers oodles of information on ALL of the TF lines, both American and foreign, as well as the comics and other assorted TF items. As a bonus it even offered B&W scans of some of the toys not available in the US. It was this manual that took me to the next level of TF fandom for good!

Lee's Action Figure News & Toy Review #48

This issue of the publication has a part 1 (of 2 parts, includes full color pics) of the list of all Transformers made in 1990. That year was the last year of Generation 1 toys in the U.S. This article was written by Jon & Karl Hartman who are of course the creators of BotCon.


Lee's Guide to Collecting Loose Figures Volume 3

This guide shows how to grade the conditions of various toys. The manual goes into different aspects of grading a toy's condition, such as yellowing, dents, chips, looseness etc., Some of the toys included in the manual include G1 transformers. The book was a little more expensive than it's actual worth tho (ie I don't collect them for resale, but it does have nice color pics of TF's so I got it anyway, 8^) ).

Transformers Comic Books

And Now... The Dinobots! #8 (G1):
I found this book in an old pile of comics some time ago. I was not even aware that there were any TF comics in the house! I read the book and found that I liked the story and the portrayals of Grimlock. I am trying to work on my collection, it's a very slow process since the toys are still my topmost priority, 8^)

Marvel Adventures Collector's Pack (G2):
This is a specially packaged set of four Marvel Comic books, it includes GI Joe #140, 141, and 142, these comics include the Star Brigade crossover which leads into the resurrection of the Transformers. The fourth, and best book in the set is, Transformers: Generation II #1, a good buy for the discounted price at which it was picked up at, 8^)


Fort Max Gets the Ax #2 (G2):
The title tells it all, unfortunately. I have a serious problem with a book that kills one of my favorite chars off (HotSpot). I don't like the way the characters are drawn in the G2 books. The figures are too squat, the heads too big, and the wires and tubes that they use to portray the necks is just horrible. I also must admit that I hate the GI Joe crossovers. I will try to get more G2 books before shunning the G2 comics completely

Killing Frenzy #3 (G2):
This was not a good book at all. I found myself flipping through it looking for pictures of Frenzy, then I read it and found out that I was taking the title too literally! The story is mainly about the bots and cons stuck on a foreign planet trying to kill each other off (the 'killing frenzy'). Both teams were totally berserk (like the 'Hate Plague' in the 'Return of Prime' TV episode). I just did not like the story or the drawing, 8^(

Due to a VERY GENEROUS gift from a friend, my TF comic collection also has the following items:

Transformers Universe (#1 - #4 of 4):
To be reviewed.

HeadMasters (#1 - #4 of 4):
To be reviewed.

G.I. Joe and the Transformers (#1 - #4 of 4):
To be reviewed.

Starriors (The Quest Begins) #1 of 4:
Not quite TF related, but robotic, 8^). To be reviewed.

Transformers Collected Comics (#1 - #2):
Graphic Novel. These two novels are a reprint of some previous stories from the TF Comics, they seem to cover issues #1 through #6. To be reviewed.

The Transformers:
In addition to the above listed issues, I now have issues: 7, 9-16, 18, 20, 30-39, 41, 43, 44, 46, 47, 49, 64 and 68.

Transformers Generation 2 (#10):
To be reviewed.

It's very good to have friends in hobbies similar to yours! 8^) 8^) 8^).

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