The Addiction Begins…

After years of collecting Transformers I finally have a collection nice enough to tell others about, which I do at every possible opportunity (something family and friends have grown accustomed to!).

My collection started off with knock off Gobots toys when I was a kid. The original toys were much too expensive for a kid with no allowance so I was limited to knockoff toys and the smaller 'gestalts' when they began coming out. (Amazing the amount of money one 'earns' when one skips lunches and walks a few miles from school! 8^) ).

Over time I traded away most of my Gobots (I eventually did find some 'real' gobots after a while) for other toys, but I never traded the Transformers that I did eventually start buying (starting with a Stunticon Breakdown toy that had been returned to the Toy store). The only regret I have from trading toys was the time I traded away a plastic mini Veritech toy that could transform into all 3 modes, I still haven't forgiven myself for that one! And I just recently was able to pickup a 'real' JetFire/SkyFire to replace it.

I really do collect the toys because I like them, many of the toys I get now are never opened, they look better in the package. However I do occasionally buy duplicates just so I can have a few 'models' for 'display' purposes (just display , cough, ahem).

I plan on eventually scanning in pictures of my collection, especially the original toys, so that others can enjoy the collection too, 8^)

None of my toys are for sale, no need to even ask, sorry! 8^)

I am always on the lookout for foreign toys and knockoffs

 Needless to say, because of the level of my addiction, I collect ANYTHING related to Transformers, comics, books, etc., as well as any other Transforming Robots (of decent quality).


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