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I've been a fan of the Transformers cartoon ever since the first episode. It wasn't until it had been on for a few seasons that I was able to get access to a VCR. I managed to save a few of the episodes that I taped off the air. The tapes are heavily used, after all they had to get me through all the years of no on-air Transformers! Here is the list of episodes that I still have.

Note: I only have one VCR so I can't dub any episodes for anyone (yet). Hopefully this will change in the future! 8^)

Taped Transformers Episodes (Original G1 episodes)

Call of the Primitives:
This episode features Tornitron and all of the Transformers beasts. This is a good Grimlock episode.

The Burden Hardest to Bear:
This episode features most of the Triple Changers as well as Devastator, Defensor, Superion, Menasaur and Trypticon. This episode centers around Rodimus Prime as well as Scourge who manages to steal the matrix.

The Ultimate Weapon:
This episode features Defensor, Metroplex, Trypticon, and also has a MetroPlex bio at the end.

Dark Awakening:
This episode features Optimus Prime as well as the Quintessons. This is the episode where you get to see the Autobot crypt as well as see which Autobots are definitely considered 'dead'.

The Return of Optimus Prime (pt. 1):
This episode features the restoration of Optimus Prime as Autobot leader.

The Return of Optimus Prime (pt. 2):
This episode features the restoration of Optimus Prime as Autobot leader.

Money is Everything:
This episode features Abominus and Computron. This episode is one of the episodes which features Marissa Faireborn from EDC (she is rumored to be the daughter of Flint and (Lady J or Scarlett?) from GI Joe...).

This episode features Optimus Prime and the original Autobots. They manage to use their unique powers (back when the writers cared) to imitate the Stunticons.

Starscream's Brigade (pt. 1 of 2):
This episode features the creation of the combaticons (by Starscream).

The Revenge of Bruticus (pt. 2 of 2):
This episode features the combaticons and Bruticus, it also has Defensor.

Grimlock's New Brain:
This episode features the creation of the Technobots and Computron (by Grimlock). Also featured are Abominus and 'Unicron'. This is a good episode for Grimlock and Technobot fans.

War Dawn:
This episode features the creation of Optimus Prime and Elita-1 (don't flame me, that's just how I grew up spelling her name, 8^) ). Also features the Aerialbots, Alpha Trion and a Guardian robot. Good 'time' episode.

This episode features Defensor and Bruticus. Has three kids who build a robot with Brawl's personality component.

Search for Alpha Trion:
This episode features the female Autobots and Elita-1 (sp). I don't have the first few minutes of this episode, it cuts in during the initial chase scene. This episode also has Alpha Trion.

The Rebirth (pt. 2):
This episode features the creation of the Headmasters and Targetmasters as well as Scorponok and Fortress Maximus, what more could you want?

The Rebirth (pt. 3):
This episode features the Headmasters and Targetmasters. It also shows the restoration of the Golden Age to Cybertron. I'm missing a few minutes right before Spike reverses the plasma energy. This is also the last episode that I ever saw here in the U.S.

There are also various Transformers toy/cartoon commercials on the tapes, including commercials for the later toys such as the Clones, Duocons et., as well as commercials for TF episodes such as the Return of Prime (as well as the movie). I also was able to get a few of the 'bio' specs that they showed at the end of some episodes, including the one done for MetroPlex.

I really hope to get something setup so that I can duplicate the tapes as well as store some images and clips online, but that will take a while. When I am able to duplicate the tapes, I will place the info on this page, until then, please do not mail me with request as I simply cannot fulfil them.

I also have most of the Beast Wars episodes on tapes, but these are still airing so there is no true need to list them, 8^)

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