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(Established jUly 1, 1997)

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WuTang!! WuTangyOuR sPiRiTuAl lEvEl Is

SiNcE December 1, 1997

This site was last updated on December 7, 1998

Hey people... I'm back, I guess... I was getting kinda bored and thought, "why don't I just update my site?" So here I am... I'm bought to fix this site up like crazy aright. so if you got any images you want me to put up about the Wu-Tang Clan, then hit me wit some mail at *wUjOoNe HeAdQuArTeRs*. Well thas all for now, I just wanted to let you know about the breakthrough coming soon.

p.s. I am creating a Dragon Ball Z site, as well as a WWF Site. Lateness from the Greatest!!! Joonebug Central signing off!

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wUcAdEmY- If your a beginner in the art of hIp-HoP then this is tha place to peep. Tha wUcAdEmY has a brief summary of tha wUtAnG history. Peep it to know it.
tHa Wu-TaNg Clan- You peeped tha wUcAdEmY and you still want more??? Damn... well here it is. *wUjOoNe HeAdQuArTeRs* has detailed info on each and every one of the WuTaNg members and its all here. After you leave this site you'll be a WuTaNg genius.
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Welcome to tha WuJoone Headquarters Nike Sector. This index is here to give you peepz a taste of what is in either PennyDomain, or ShoePalace. You can get there by clickin on these links or by clicking on these images after your browser is done loading this page. Enjoy my page everybody cause its tha Phatest Site on tha Net. After your done with this portion of my page then make sure to go to tha near bottum of this site and check tha killa WuTang Section. And after that go to my Newest site, tHaLiNkZ, it has linkz to all of my sites and linkz to sites that want to be like this one.

If you want to see some mo' sick shoes then go to ThA sHoEpAlAcE, If you want to see stuff related to Penny Hardaway then go to tHa PeNnYdOmAiN. PennyDomain will be updated with a brand new look soon because I am getting sick of what it looks like right now. Make sure to click my sponsors banner so this site can be maintained and kept up to date.

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A to Z in tha wUtAnG History

- To all of you who are new to the WU let me give you basic information. The Wu-Tang Clan originates from Staten Island, or Shaolin, all members except GZA and ODB were born in Shaolin. All the members in the Wu got together in 1991, and released Protect ya Neck independently, soon after,Loud Records signed the Wu to contract. In 1993, the Clan released 36 Chambers, a hip-hop classic, it went Platnum but never was #1 on the charts In 1994, Method Man released the first solo "Tical" on Def Jam Records that album went Platnum In spring of 1995, ODB released "Return to the 36 Chambers on Elektra Records, that album went gold. In the summer of 1995 Raekwon the Chef released "Only Built 4 Cuban Linx" on Loud records, this album went gold, and featured Ghostface Killa. In the winter of 1995 The GZA released the gold "Liquid Swords" on Geffen. In November of 1996 Ghostface Killa released "Ironman" on Razor-Sharp records, which is run by the RZA. On June 3, 1997, the most anticipated album of all time WU-TANG FOREVER was released , and it went gold within its first week. Now the Wu-Tang Saga Continues, with more wu, and wu-fam lps coming out, the saga will go on Forever.



- RZA, THA ABBOTT - The RZA is the primary producer for all Wu-Tang beats. He also produces for other artists such as Sunz Of Man, The Killarmy and the late Notorious B.I.G. The RZA is also a member of The Gravediggaz, which originated around the same time as The Wu-Tang Clan. The Gravediggaz have released one album so far - '6 Feet Deep' in 1993. The RZA has his own record label, a division of Sony Music called 'Razor Sharp Records'. RZA is signed as a solo artist to Sony Music. The RZA, The Genius/GZA and Ol' Dirty Bastard had the deepest roots in the clan, in the early 80's they were part of a group called 'All In Together Now'. Following this venture, The RZA, at this time known as Prince Rakeem secured a record deal with Tommy Boy, and released his first EP 'Ooh We Love You Rakeem'. After this he went back to GZA, got their friends together and formed The Wu-Tang Clan. With their fantastic promo tapes they secured a comfortable deal which gave the Wu the required flexibility to do their own thing, a record with Loud Records, 'Enter The Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers'. The RZA also formed The Gravediggaz with Too Poetic, Fruitwan and Prince Paul. The Gravediggaz album contains cameos by Biz Markie, MC Serch, Kurious George, Vernon Reid of Living Colour, Killah Priest and Master Ace. Remixers of Gravediggaz material include Underdog and Portishead. RZA had a hand in album by Clan affiliate Shyheim The Rugged Child. Has produced tracks for Tricky, Cypress Hill, Shaquille O'Neal, Notorious B.I.G. and remixes for Supercat and SWV. Made the solo single 'Wu-Wear' with Cappadonna and Method Man, it features the Wu-Tang's clothing line. The RZA released another solo single featuring The Truths called 'Tragedy', produced by True Master.


- GZA, THA GENIUS - The GZA is the oldest Wu-Tang member. He is known as 'The Head' of the Clan because he taught RZA (Cousins) when they were children, who in turn taught Ol' Dirty Bastard (also a cousin). The Genius/GZA was a member of the old group 'All In Together Now' with his cousins RZA and Ol' Dirty Bastard. He was the first clan member to release an album.'Words From The Genius' was released on the Cold Chillin' label and was not connected to the Wu-Tang Clan at that time, but RZA did appear on the album. The most recent single appearance The GZA has made was with his cousin RZA on the DJ Muggs compilation 'SoulAssassins' in the phat track 'Third World'.


- Ol' Dirty Bastard, OSIRUS - The joker in the Wu-Tang pack. Ol' Dirty Bastard is the craziest Wu-Member. ODB's solo album, 'Return To The 36 Chambers (The Dirty Version)' includes verses by the Wu-Tang Clan (minus Inspektah Deck and U-God), Killah Priest, Buddah Monk, Prodigal Son, Zoo Keeper, Murdoc, 12 O'Clock, 60 Second Assassin and the superbly named Shorty Shit-Stain. Also appeared on a Sean 'Puffy' Combs remix of the Mariah Carey single 'Fantasy', 'Show And Prove' on the B-side of Big Daddy Kane's 'In The Pjs' and appeared with Busta Rhymes in the remix of 'Woo Hah'. Ol' Dirty Bastard is planning to release his second album in 1997, 'Revolution: The Black Man Is God' is the album's rumoured title. The Ol' Dirty Bastard is appearing on the Alkaholiks new album 'Likwidation' in a track called 'Hip-Hop Drunkies', he has also recorded a cover song of the classic 'Minnie The Moucha' made famous in the film 'The Blue Brothers'.

Mastah Killa

- Masta Killa, High Chief - The proud owner of the Clan's silliest nickname. "He's a very intelligent person", says Method Man. "But when he's around strangers, he gets into his 'killer mode'. He analyses shit before he gets into it." Masta Killa was only a guest rapper or 'Honorary 9th Member' on the first Wu-Tang Clan album, probably because he was incarcerated during a majority of the albums production, but he is recognised as a fully official member on the new Wu-Tang Clan album. Masta Killa is the most low-key Wu-Member but makes a large contribution to the Wu-Tang Clan's latest album 'Wu-Tang Forver'. No solo stuff yet, but does have verses on several tracks on the Ol' Dirty Bastard, Raekwon and Genius albums.

Method Man

- Method Man, Hott Nickles - He's the most visible member of the group. Describes himself as 'a clown'. "Even if we're havin' a meeting about some serious situation, I'll come out with some dumb shit, an' niggas'll look at me like I'm a crazy mo'f*cka. If this was a rock band, I'd be the drummer". Apart from being on every Clan release so far, Method Man can be found on 'The What?' from Notorious BIG's 'Ready To Die' album, duetting with Redman on The Show soundtrack, appearing with RZA on Shaquille O'Neal's 'No Hooks' track (from the LP 'Shaq Fu - Da Return') and has a track on the Batman Forever soundtrack. Mary J Blige guested on his 'All I Need' single, and his stuff has been remixed by the likes of Sean 'Puffy' Combs, The Chemical Brothers and The Prodigy. More recently, Method Man has appeared on the Mobb Deep album 'Hell On Earth' and on the Space Jam soundtrack along with LL Cool J, Coolio, Busta Ryhmes and B-Real in the single 'Hit Em High'. Method Man has announced that he will release a second album sometime in 1997.

tha CHEF Raekwon

- Raekwon, Lex Diamonds - "Him an' Ghostface shoulda bin brothers", says Method Man. "They think they're the flyest niggas on the planet". Raekwon is reckoned to be the best-dressed Clan member. Apart from the partnership he's established with Ghostface Killah, Raekwon has appeared on Mobb Deep's 'The Infamous...' LP with Nas, who in turn guested on '...Cuban Linx' and has also appeared on the Mobb Deep 'Hell On Earth' album. With Ghost, he's also featured on the unreleased Jodeci track. Asked everyone on his solo album to adopt a new nickname, in keeping with the LP's Mafia concept (the Clan as a whole are renamed Wu-Gambinos).

Ghostface Killah to Ironman

- Ghost Face Killah, Iron Man - The Killah was Relatively low-key until his partnership with Raekwon blossomed on '... Cuban Linx'. Responsible for a third of the raps on the Raekwon album 'Only Built 4 Cuban Linx'. He has appeared on the as-yet-unreleased Jodeci track recorded with Raekwon, he has also made various appearances on soundtracks in tracks like 'Who's The Champion' & 'Fast Life'. Ghostface Killah released his solo album 'Ironman' in November 1996 and it went straight to the top of the rap charts, with a large amount of the album including Raekwon, Cappadonna and guest appearances from Mary J. Blidge, The Delphonics as well as appearances from the Clan itself.

Inspectah Deck

- Inspectah Deck, Rebel INS - A relatively unknown member, Deck is described by Method Man as "a funny nigga". Known as The Inspectah because he watches everyone around him. His work on albums by Raekwon and Genius, plus the track 'Let Me At 'Em' from the Tales From The Hood soundtrack (credited to the whole group, but only featuring Deck's lyrics), show great promise. Inspectah Deck makes an incredible contribution to the latest Wu-Tang Clan album 'Wu-Tang Forever'.


- U-God, GOLDEN ARMS - Quiet and retiring, U-God is the only Clan member to have shirked the limelight thus far. "He's gonna be a grumpy old man", predicts Method Man. "When he gets mad, he gets mad. And he gets mad a lot." He has a verse on 'Knuckleheadz' from the Raekwon album, and a verse on Ghostface Killah's 'Black Jesus'. U-God is going to release his solo album in 1997, 'Warriors' is the rumoured title.


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Linkz Click here to got to a my new site tHaLiNkZ, this is my site that I use to add new linkz to some of tha best sites in tha world. We all know who's they want to be like though huh? Just playin yo but there are some coo site that you should talk a look at.
Enter PennyDomain Enter tha PennyDomain where Anfernee Hardaway is tha one, tha only, The Emmortal Penny Hardaway. Enter at your own risk as Penny does his awsome moves all over yo' a**. Tha man wit tha plan and more juice that he unleashes loose on tha court everyday. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, Anfernee "Penny" Hardaway.
Enter ShoePalace This is my shoe index. I call it ShoePalace cause its got a whole mess of pictures of tha newest Nike shoes. It tells how much they cost as well as their features. This is ha place to go if your lookin for shoes yet don't have tha cash, yet. I say this cause tha shoes in here are shoes that are not even out yet. I post pictures of shoes like anywhere from 2-6 months before they come out. Don't ask me how cause I don't know. Enter Tha ShoePalace.
ThaStreetz This is my site dedicated to Biggie, Puffy, and Mase. Its pretty tight but later it will have a whole sh*t load of picts and linkz to other sites about tha same interests. It also has lyrics on it and some really chunKy linkz to other sites with even more lyrics. This site doesnt have a guestbook yet but view it and if you like it then sign tha guestbook on this site ok. Thanks!!!

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