This page is dedicated to 80's SynthPop Music. What we like to refer to as Synthepunk.
Synthepunk MagazineŽ will attempt to put you in touch with the greatest 80's synth music available. There will be links to other sites that are sharing a similar interest. There will be sounds to allow your ears a taste of the era. There will be pictures to dazzle your otherwise mediocre eyes. So, on with the show.

Before we go any farther, do you collect Radio Station Bumper Stickers?

For now let's start with a few links to some of the best 80's SynthePunk Bands

The Official Ultravox WebSite.

Click pic to hear Midi.

And here's another Ultravox Site

Word up with Laurie Anderson

Take a pic with Aztec Camera

The B52's

Watch The Bangles walk like an Egyptian



Is this German Rock? Berlin


I've always wondered why The Buggles never recorded anymore records after
Adventures in Modern Recording.


So kick the habit and take The Cure.
Here to hear The Cure.

Depeche Mode

Professor Techno himself Thomas Dolby.

Click pic to hear Midi.

Here's The ELO site for ya!

Emerson, Lake and Palmer are ELP

Erasure was a group...weren't they? Listen!

Get a fix on The Fixx.

Do you remember the hair on A Flock of Seagulls?

Some of the best videos came from Peter Gabriel.

The Icehouse cometh.

Put on your Mirror Shades and check out Information Society

Get ready for culture shock with Japan

Julian Cope

Before they were New Order they were Joy Division

Cool out with King Crimson.

We're riding, we're riding on der Autobahn with Kraftwerk

Is Numan Human? Find out at The Official Gary Numan Site
Here to here a Numan Midi.

Some of the coolest Synth stuff came from Mike Oldfield.

Orchestral Manoeuvres in The Dark: OMD
Hereor Here to hear OMD midis.

Anthony Phillips, Yeah!

Hey, get comfortable. Get numb. Get Pink FLoyd.

The Residents. What more can I say?

Some of the finest thoughts come from Simple Minds
Here or Here for some Simple Minded midis.

You better watch out for The Stranglers
A Stranglers Midi is just a
Click away.

All roads lead to The Stranglers

Come Sail Away with Styx.

Mommy I've Been Fighting Again...Teardrop Explodes

Let's not forget the Thompson Twins.

Here's a guy with vision. Tomita.

Shake Rattle and U2

It's UltraBOX also known as Visage
Click the painted face and hear a Visage midi.

Here's a Site devoted to Vangelis.

And here's Vangelis' own.

Even Parker Lewis dug The Violent Femmes

It's UK what can we say?

You'll find Yaz Upstairs at Erics.

They weren't Yellow Magic Orchestra just Yello

Here's your basic YMO.
So if you want to hear a YMO midi just click

Is this band great? Yes!

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Marcus Tee

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