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The Characters

Character bios of the Quest Team

Jonny Quest

Name: Jonathan "Jonny" Quest
Age: 14
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue

Jonny is the son of world-famous scientist Dr. Benton Quest. The youngest member of the Quest Team may also be the most adventurous and daring. Seeking trouble at every angle, he often finds it in villains that try to rule the world.

Jessie Bannon

Name: Jessica "Jessie" Bannon
Age: 15
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green

In the first season, she was like the boys. She was rough and tough, she could take care of herself. She was daring like, Jonny. But in the second season of the show, she became helpless. Screaming for help every time she was in a bad situation, many agree the first season Jessie was much better.

Hadji Singh

Name: Hadji Singh
Age: 16
Hair: Black
Eyes: ?

Hadji, is the adopted son and assistant of Dr. Quest, therefore making him Jonny's adopted brother (duh!). He is the level headed one of the group. He often try's, and more often fails, to keep Jonny and Jessie out of trouble.

Dr. Benton Quest

Name: Benton Quest
Age: ?
Hair: Brown
Eyes: ?

A world famous scientist, often called on for help, even from governments, he tries to solve their problems with the help of the Quest Team.

Race Bannon

Name: Race Bannon
Age: His age is very controversial, many say he's in his 30's, but he has a 15 year old daughter.
Hair: White

Race is Jessie's father. He is an ex-military man who now works as the Quest's bodyguard. He is very protective of the Quest Team, which is practically his family.

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