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Fanfic Tips

Here are some tips that fellow fanfic writers have submitted for the benefit of new fanfic writers, as well as experienced ones who are still looking for ways to improve their fics. If you have some tips to give, send them here. Enjoy!

Martin Belgado
First, copy the styles of others. As you go along, you'll develope your own style. Write about something you know a lot about, or something you like. Always think positive.

Nix Cuazon
Fanfic writing is like any other form of writing, you need a good idea or a basic plot. The more original the plot the better because it captures the reader's attention. The key I think to writing good fanfics are good plot, knowledge of whatever your writing about, and inspiration.

If you get the ever dreaded Mike Green ( or known to all the non-insaine-ML groupies, Writers Block) hit the freezer hard, as in, Ice Cream! And lots of it! It'll help. And heck, if it doesn't, you get to eat ice cream!

ON DIALOGUE: Especially when writing already established characters, listen to HOW something is being said as opposed to WHAT'S being said. For example: Dr. Quest likes to use "big" words in his speech [keep a dictionary--or a thesaurus--handy for him!], while Hadji uses no contractions. Jonny has the word "slamin'" as a catch-phrase, and while he doesn't use it all the time, no-one else uses it at all. Depending on what season Race you're using, he is the only one who calls Dr. Quest "Benton" of the main characters.

I've written a lot and the best advice I can give is to write when the inspiration hits you (which is usually 2AM in my case). What I consider my best stuff was mostly written when I had no intention of writing at all, and just happened to sit down and start typing. I've also had great ideas that I waited around to turn into stories, so they never even got onto paper. Other than that. use a spell checker

Alicia D.B.
First off, don't be upset if your fanfics do not connect with the web. I've had that happen plenty of times. Alway remember the basic characters, what they look like act like, and would do in certain situations. Fanfics are a special kind of writing, you need to know what each character would do in the situations you put them in. If you don't, they won't turn out as believable. Don't get discouraged if you can't find the words to put something in. I'm having trouble doing that in Language arts. Just write what you want to see.

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