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Welcome to My World, or as you get to call it, WOODS' WORLD. My name is Justin Woods, and this page is just my little way of letting the world know what I think. Or a very small percentage of the world, anyway. Most of what you'll find here are reviews of video games, computer games, movies, and TV shows. However, in addition to those, you can check out my spin on what's up in the world over in the I Say So area, sign the GuestBook, check the Links, read about me, or just E~Mail me. Whatever ya do, I hope you enjoy your stay here in WOODS' WORLD. And always remember, if you want to dispute me on anything I say on this page, don't. I am Woods. And that's all I have to say about that.


5/6/02 - Well, it's been quite a while since I've updated the site, but I knew that nobody would ever come here anyway, so it doesn't matter. The real point of the site was just to see if I could do it. And I did. With some pretty awesome images, I might add (that I made myself). Anyway, I'm finally getting something out of doing this, because I'm actually getting 3 extra credit points or so on my final grade in my Data Communications class for it. (Thanks Spence) Oh, and I added that Planet Unreal link to the left just because Unreal Tournament is awesome. Whoopie.

6/18/00 - I added a review of Gone in 60 Seconds, so if you have any quesions about this movie, head on over and read it.

1/8/00 - I said I'd be fixing up the look of the site again, and here it is. I'm pretty much done tweeking the look and feel of the site for the next while, so from now on, I'll be focusing more on content. Don't get me wrong, I probably still won't be updating the site real often, but it'll happen more than it did before. So withought further ado, here's what I've done so far:

-Updated About Me with new facts and pictures.

-Improved the look of the toolbar on the left.

-Added new title bars to all the major areas of the site.

-Updated and changed some assorted text around the site.

I know it may not sound like much, but it took some time. I'd also like to point out that today is the six month anniversary of WOODS' WORLD's launch. (I didn't plan to finish tweaking it today or anything, it just turned out that way.) So now, half a year from it's start, I give you the final layout of WOODS' WORLD. Enjoy it.

1/1/00 - Well, I decided that even after the revamp of the site, there were still a few problems, so I've gone through and fixed some of them. I set up the page so it'll view well on monitors running at resolutions higher than 800x600. (Those of you running at less than 800x600, you're still screwed.) I also improved some of the images, so they just have more color and oomph to them. (Those of you running at less than 16-bit color are even more screwed than before.) I'll be doing a little more of that in the future, so you can have an aesthetically pleasing time here in Woods' World.

Something else you may want to check out is a little something I added to the I Say So area. It's an article I wrote for the school newspaper. It's basically what my predictions of the Y2K bug were, and it's (as always) quite a good read. Feel free to check it out.

10/9/99 - You may notice the ads for around the web site, I suggest you give it a look. I din't think it was really worth the time at first, but I'm glad I changed my mind. It's a cool way to make money with almost no effort.

9/10/99 - I just added the AOL Instant Messager Bar at the bottom of the page. This requires the use of either AIM or AOL. (However, AOL users will not be able to join the chat. Like anyone's gonna be there anyway.)

9/5/99 - Good news for those of you who are fans of Blizzard Entertainment's best-selling WarCraft series, the long awaited title, WarCraft III, has been announced. For information regarding the game, check out the preview in the Games Section.

7/9/99 - I updated the Me section a bit to clear up a few misconceptions about my personality, go ahead and read it if you're interested.

7/7/99 - I've finally finished the revamp of the page. Some of you will be sad to see that I've trashed some old sections, especially the audio files. Tough. It was too much space and just linking to other pages is just an internet no-no. Basically the page has changed its focus from TV to... well, me. I like to speak my mind, and this is the best place that I've found to do it. So you'll see reviews and previews of movies, games, and TV shows. Also, in one of my favorite sections, the new I Say So, you will find different rants about varied subjects. Ya know, just a place for me to get up on my preverbal "soap box" and tell the world what I wanna say. I know there really isn't much information on the site yet, but give me some time. I'll write some more. It's been a lot of work, but I think it's worth it. WOODS' WORLD is online. And that's all I have to say about that.

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