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The Fanfiction

Well I guess your interesed in what kind of writer I am or else you wouldn't be here. I have only one completed story and a series in the works but there is still alot of projects that I am working on. I hope you enjoy, and plese send me feedback at

Thank You, LOL

MY Stuff

WhyI Love Him--It's my first story; just a short fluff piece in B'Ellana's POV.

The VACTION series

The first part to my series VACTION. Hope you like it!!!
Part 2 in the VACTION Series!
VACTION 3 is up!

Thanks for visiting my page hope you come back soon and don't forget to send me your fanfics!!!!

The characters in these stories are all the property of Paramount.....I own nothing, I'm just having a little fun!

All Pictures are from Heather's page: Deck 9 Section 12 page!

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