The End Of Time

The End Of Time is my band. I make all the noise and play all the instruments, even though i don't really know how to play any instrument. i just try to be creative. The "music" is hard to describe. All the songs are different. Weird-ass noise.
Sound Files:
most of the sound files are short, a few may take a minute... some are under construction as well.

...from The End Of Time - STAY HERE:
1.  Perpetual Notion Machine 

2.  iNfInItE dEnSiTy sample 

The End Of Time: 

RoB - vocals, noise guitar,
acoustic guitar, keeboards,
samples,feedback manipulation,
drumsounds, the mutant keeboard,
tapes, wires, and other noise.

Recorded - 1996 thru 1998

All  my  music  can  be  obtained  for  FREE, 
just  e-mail  me  at:

...will have a track on the soon to be released "Noise, Kills Punk Dead" 70 Band CD Compilation. The CD is The End Of Time's first CD appearance. The CD contains 70 weird-ass noise bands from all over the world, and i am very pleased to be among them.

The CD is funded by (Thora-Zine) and the artists who appear on it. No official money is made from the CD, and we distribute them ourselves, so if you want one, e-mail me and i'll tell you how to get one. (ZENSEKAI@ROCKETMAIL.COM) click here for the CD Track Listing

  "It was, said Fukuyama, THE END OF HISTORY as
we had known it; the struggle over ideas that
had once called forth daring, courage and
imagination.  Instead, we would increasingly 
see societies based on nothing but the free
play of choices and interests.  What would
absorb the human imagination would no longer 
be large visionary goals but economic calculation,
the endless solving of technical problems, 
environmental concerns, and the satisfaction 
of sophisticated comsumer demands. Hostory would
not end with the sound of apocalypse but the 
beat of a personal stereo."

more weirdness?
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