Gareel:    "i wish i knew what was going on?!?!"

Von Zigmurd: "i don't care what's going on, as long as it doesn't involve me. And if it does involve me, i want no part of it."

This Page Contains:

1.   a brief explanation of everything
2.   an explanation of INDIVIDUALITY

A Brief Explanation Of Everything:

The common belief is that at the Beginning of time there was a PERFECT 10 dimensional space. Then it cracked in two (the big bang) forming our 4 dimensional universe which began to expand, and a 6 dimensional universe which began to contract. In our 4 dimensional universe, space is expanding, and time is going forward. When the universe eventually looses it's momentum, and starts to contract from the force of all the dead stars that have becom black holes that basically suck the universe back in on itself, until it reaches zero size, and does not exist. In the 6 dimensional universe, space is contracting, and time is, you guessed it, going backwards. Once it has contracted enough (-zero size), it will become so dense that it will explode and begin expanding to zero size to meet up with, and join back with the 4 dimensional space at zero size. Together they will annihilate SPACE and become 10 dimensional, (6 + 4 dimensions)... every THING will become non-existant. The 10 dimensional space was prefect... which means NO TIME. You see time is not really a thing. It is a measure of disorder. For example, as the universe expands, it gets more disorderly, like balls on a pool tabel when you break. Even as we age, we become more disorderly and eventually disintergrate. If it wasn't for the disorder and decay that time creates, life would not exist. At THE END OF TIME, when the 6 and 4 dimensional universes come together, the backward and froward moving time will cancell each other out... meaning NO TIME, and if you will remember, no space. Billy: Um, if there's no space where am i gonna sit? Von Zigmurd: Just a minute Billy, i'm getting to that. First i have to explain what it's like when there's no time. ok. If there was no time, at first i thought that at one minute i could be over by the door, then poof! i could be over by the window. But then i realized, No, i could be EVERYWHERE AT ONCE!!! i wouldn't ever age, get hungry, die, or have to go to the bathroom. But, if you remember, there won't be any space either.... You see, your MIND doesn't take up any space, neither do your thoughts. You can fit the thought of an intire city in your mind, because it is infinite and DOESN'T TAKE UP ANY SPACE. It is your Spirit, or Soul, if you will. But because it exists in TIME we can't know everything at once. So, when you die, your Mind (which is actually a part of infinity, is seperated from your body, just as, if you cut off your hand and throw it away, your mind doesn't go with it. ...When the universe ends, our minds will be all that exist in the 10 dimensional space, where we will be everywhere at once, KNOW everything at once. Sound familar? GOD? Yep you guessed it. We will join with the great oneness. We will be God. You see God is an interesting sort of guy/mind. Before anything existed there was just his mind existing eturnally in the 10 dimensional space. In fact, he is the 10 dimensional space. You see, God is the SUM TOTAL OF ALL BEING. so, perhaps, in order to discover Who he is, he tried an experiment to fimd himself. He created a reality and put himself as a part of everything in it. And he experiments on himself through us, as we react to each other and the situations we find ourself's in, we give God/ourselves different expirences, all points of view, We/God learn what it's like to be everyone & find out what it's like to be our-SELF. at THE END OF TIME we will all join with eachother and become one consciousness, aware of what it's like to be every-one and everything, knowing every experience of every being in the entire universe that has ever existed throughout history. We are living out God's search for heaven.

Robert Von Zigmurd

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We all think that we are seperate 
individual people,with our own minds.
But, we are actually all ONE MIND, and we only
have the illusion of our individuality.
We are a collective consciousness.

Think of your brain as a machine 
and your mind as the consciousness driving that machine.

Observing flocks or birds or schools of fish,
we see them as acting like a single organism,
as the move fly or swim simultaneously.
These and other lower animals have 
a larger access to the collective consciousness
because their brains are not as developed as ours.
They don't have as much macheniery to operate
or work with, so they are more in touch with others
on a collective level. 

Humans, on the other hand, have more "machenery"
that we are operating, our brains are more complex.
And  we all have different machenery, which gives us
the ' illusion ' of our individuality.

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