My All My Children Family

Adam Chandler / David I am with the proud Dad, who better tell Liza the truth soon!

Here I am with my truest love Jesse McCartney, AKA JR.
Girls, you can't have him he's mine!

Jesse McCartney and his band Dream Street.
Here I am at a show backstage with Jesse, Frankie, Chris, Matt and Greg.

This is my new on-line buddy, Marcy Walker. Marcy is so beautiful.

The Pizza Man! Michael Knight, AMC's Tad Martin....

...Here I am with the best cook in the world, Robin Mattson...

The gooorgeous Vincent Irizzary cuddles up with me. Hey Mom shove over!

Ready to play with the big boys at a Hollywood All-Stars game
with John Callahan And Mark Consuelos.

John Callahan / Edmund Grey....when John saw me outside the studio, he came right out to spend time with me.

Josh who plays Leo Du Pres, gave me a kiss for my birthday, ooooh la la!

Here's me with my new buddy, Budig, who better stop smooching with my prince, Cameron!

Nurse Zora (Dora) Jones / Catrina Ganey taking good care of me!

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