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Jake Blood
Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada
Finisher: BLOOD RUSH
Theme: Livin' on the Edge by Aerosmith
Age: 26 10/12
Height: 6'2
Weight: 231 pounds
Finisher: Blood Rush
Finisher Description: Superkick

Appearance: He looks like Shawn Michaels in over all look. Though Jake Blood has long dark brown hair that reaches down to mid back and is tied back in ponytail. Typical non wrestling appearances Blood wears (random color) denim jean shorts and a (Black, Red, white, or other color) T-shirt that is related to him and black Nike Air shoes! In the ring he wears either black and white, black and red, or black and blue wrestling tights like Shawn Michaels. (Rotate from card to card) or if not in the mood he will just wrestle in his street clothes. Mainly he wears street clothes for street fights or anything on a card that not in action for.

Entrance: The lights dim out and red lights go all over the place as Livin on The Edge by Aerosmith plays over the PA system. After few moments Jake Blood comes out folowed by Mike Nash and they head out. They come out to deafening cheers from the crowd. Jake Blood walks down slowly and very watchful of things as Mike Nash is few steps back doing the same. Blood heads down and climbs in the ring and stands there take in cheers til they dies down.

Titles Held
IJPW World Champion
UWF(Devious's fed) Cruiserweight Title
EWA World Title:(uncrowned but had it won, only thing was fed real closed before I won it at the return PPV. Owner Stated I had won the belt despite no results!)
EWA TV Title
EWA Extreme title
EWA Cruiserweight Title
UHW Tag Team Champion
UHW European Champion(2)
UHW XXX-Treme Champion
UHW TV Champion (2)
UHW IC twice(2)1st reign Awarded during period of conversy.. Never was stated that it was taken away and he would face an opponent TBA. Though later day it was said Blood would faced Kremlin for belt. Though never said it wasn't won Kremlin said he felt Blood deserved it. And so I had it won.
UHW World Title(2)
Ultra Hardcore Wrestling(not same fed as above)
UHW European Title defeated Owen O Ratcher and Sherrod Duncan

AWF Intercontinental Title 1 Time (title retired and never lost)
AWF World Champion:(fed closed without lossing)

All Star Wrestling: ASW
ASW World Heavyweight Champion (3) Times:
ASW International Title (6) Times: (Title Retired during reign)
ASW North American Title (4) Time: (Current?)
ASW Crusierweight Title (2) Times:
ASW Untied States Tag Titles with Mike Nash (Insiders)
ASW World, International, and Hall of Fame 2001 Awards
ASW International Award (2002)

Number 1 Wrestler of 2000 by Efed Hall of Fame
Second Place wrestler of the 90s
Number 1 Tag team of 2000 (BAO) from hall of fame
Second Place Tag Team of 90s BAO
Number 7 Tag Team with Mike Nash (Insiders) E Fed Hall of Fame
Second Place Stable of 90s, Crypt of Blood
Life time achievment award.
Award of Excellence

The Hall: Jake Blood Hall of Fame

Tavix Blood Hall of Fame

BAO Hall of Fame:

COB Hall of Fame

Jake Blood All Times Greats

UWF where it started against the Hardcore Heroes until Devious Closed the fed
BAA/SGO/Resident Evil, it seem no matter where I go thes guys are there. BAA and SGO feud is gone, had feud NBO in UHW.
SGO Rocket Feud which last saw Rocket trying to beat me but he lost, in the AAWF the fed closed nad Rocket was gone.

Unabomber based of little X-Axis betrayl
Rabid not sure where he is but he is on my list. Or was but seeing him back in EWW maybe someday we can feud again.
Kinda have one with Sonny Lightning and EOD but not major one that came to a halt finally with Lightning joining COB. Holocaust VS COB: Only really good stable feud I recall last year.

Stables I respect
Weapon X
Crypt of Blood
Degeneration X
Violence Authority
DA Gambinos
Cold Grass

My stables
DX World Order
Crypt of Blood

Current Stable
My other E-fed wrestlers

Mike Nash
Height: 7'1"
Weight: 325 pounds
From: Scottsdale, Arizona
Finisher: Jacknife Powerbomb
Theme: Dr Feelgood by Motley Crue
Bodyguard/Tag Partner (The Insiders)
Titles Held:
UHW Tag Team Champion 1 Time
ASW Untied States Tag Title with Blood

The Outlaws
Finsher: Outlaw Drop or Outlaw Edge
Titles Held
World Tag Team Titles
EWA Tag Team Titles: 1 Time
HWF Tag Team Titles: 3 Times
EHW Tag Team Titles: 2 Times
UHW Tag Team Titles: 3 Times
AWF Tag Team Titles: 2 Times(current when fed closed)
ASW Tag Team Titles: 5 Times

Other Tag Titles
ASW Untied States Tag Team Titles

Co held with Inquisitor/Brian Thomas, they later relinquished to BAO)
ASW US and World Tag Champions of 2001 Award

"Road Dogg" Scott Jones
Weight: 254 pounds
Height: 6'3"
From: Phoenix, AZ
Finisher: Dogg Drop
Finisher Description: Reverese DDT

Appearance: He has the classic Road Dogg look with dreadlocks but has on black and red tights with COB on one side and B.A.O on other side. When not in ring usually just blue jeans and B.A.O shirt on. Though he also wears a BAO when wrestling and leaves it on during the match!

Entrance: "Rollin" by Limp Bizkit plays as he heads out to pumped up crowd and huge ovation. Scott Jones walks first with microphone in hand saying stuff to pump up the crowd and how they are best tag team.

Titles Held
IJPW Hardcore Title 1 Time
IJPW TV Title 1 Time
ASW Hardcore Title 3 Times

"Badd" Billy Matthews
Weight: 278 pounds
Height: 6'6"
Hometown: Tucson, Arizona
Finisher: Rocker Dropper

Appearance: Billy wears black and red tights like hsi tag partner Scott Jones that read COB on one side and on the other leg has BAO on it. He has gressed back blonde hair that tied back and does not wear a shirt.

Entrance: "Rollin" by Limp Bizkit plays as they head out to pumped up crowd and huge ovation. We are minus Jones voice over when he comes out and just heads down to the ring. He grabs a microphone and says a few words the crowd and then ends and ready to fight.

Titles Held
IJPW IC Title 1 Time
IJPW Hardcore Title 1 Time
UHW European Title 1 Time
ASW International Title 1 Time

ASW World Title 1 Time

ASW North American Title 1 Time

Shane Brooks
Weight: 259 pounds
Height: 6'5
From: Reno, Nevada
Finsher: DDT
Titles Held
HWF Television Title 1 Time
ASW Television Champion 1 Time

Other Wrestlers I have had
Shawn Michaels: EHWA World Title 1 time
Saturn: EHWA World Title 1 Time
Diesel: No Titles

Brother Characters

Bret Jericho
Valet/Girl Friend: Jenny Love
Titles Held
UHW IC Title 3 times
UHW Lightweight Title 4 times
UHW TV Title 2 Times
EHW World Champion 1 Times
EHW Regional Champion 1 Time (Current) EHW TAG (to be fixed later)

Kyle Davis
Titles Held
EHW-HWF World Champion 3 Times
UHW TV Champion 1 Time and reigning as of so called closing UHW XXX-Treme 1 Time: Won at PPV that JT decided fed was closing
XW Tag Titles with Venom.1 Time
EHW Telvision Title 1 Time
EHW Tag Titles with Venom 1 Time
UOWF Tag Titles with Venom (1) Time
UOWF North American Title (2) Time
EHW TAG (to be fixed later) with Bret Jericho

Tavix: Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada
Age: 22
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 225 pounds
Finisher: Death Drop
Finisher Description: Inverted Downward spiral
Titles Held
Appearance: Matt Hardy pic base.... Information about Tavix well he started in ASW at 19 years old in 2000. He looks like how the younger brother of Jake Blood other then having hair alot different and such. He had some success but still young to the sport though he started at age 17 but had a few injuries ut been around. His ring attire is black and red wrestling tights with black and red tank top and black wrestling boots.

Entrance: Crypt of Blood appears over the screen followed by COB cam as "In The End" by Linkin Park plays as Tavix makes his way to the ring. He is met by nothing, but cheers and makes his way out. He heads down to the ring and gets into the ring. He walks around the ring then stops as he waits for the match to be ready to start!

EWA TV Champion 1 Time
HWF IC Title won time
HWF Tag Champion 1 time with Nightstalker
AWF Tag Champion 1 time with Nightstalker
AWF TV Champion 1 Time
ASW World Heavyweight Champion 2 Times
ASW Cruiserweight Title 1 Time
ASW Canadian Champion 2 Time
ASW Untied States Tag w/ Sonny Lightning 2 Times (Lethal Intent)
ASW World Tag Team Titles w/ Sonny Lightning (Lethal Intent) 7 Times
ASW North American Title 2 Times
EHW Regional Champion 2 Times
EHW World Champion


Raven Talon
IW World Tag Titles w/Dude Job.. (Local Dudes)
WWA Hardcore Champion 2 time
HWF Tag Team Champion with Nightstalker 1 time

The Night Stalker
HWF Tag Team Champion 2 Times (1 time with Tavix) (1 time with Raven Talon)
AWF Tag Team Champion 1 Time with Tavix

Mikey "The Shark" Austin
EHW Hardcore Title 1 Time
EHW Television Title 2 Times
EHW Regional Champion 1 Time
EHW World Tag Team Titles 1 Time (current, Damage Control with Trent Kiel)
ASW World Tag Team Titles 1 Time, Damage Control with Trent Kiel

Trent Kiel:
ASW World Champion 1 Time (1 Year)
W3 Showstopper Champion 1 Time
ASW North American Champion 1 Time
ASW World Tag Team Titles with Mikey "The Shark" Austin as Damage Control

Jay Jackson: TBA
ASW Untied States Champion 1 Time
ASW Hardcore Champion 1 Time
ASW North American Title 2 Times
ASW World Heavyweight Title 2 Times
ASW World Tag Titles with Snow Kid 1 Time
EHW Hardcore Title 1 Time (current)
EHW Tag Titles with Snowkid (Snowflakian Untied) 2 Times

Destin Michaels:TBA EHW Television Champion 4 Time?

Jessica Daly: TBA ASW Womens Champion 2 Time

Shawn "Snow Kid" Walters ASW World Tag Team Titles 1 time with Jay Jackson
ASW Cruiserweight Champion 3 times

Wrestlers That I respect in some form
Devious: Best EWA World Champ there ever was and the man that introduced me to EWA. Behind success of Weapon X and legend in the sport that was efed wrestling.
Rose: Hi!
Sonny Lightning
Chaimber/Styx/Penanace/The Giant/Draco/Hawk Hendricks
HTJR/Pinmaster/Erike Storme/Jaime Thomas:
Bret Jericho/Tavix/Bret Hart/Raven/Sick Boy/Trent Kiel/Kyle Davis:
Sherrod Duncan
X-Terminator/Dusty Diamond

IOV: Another guy you people just loved to hate in the E-Fed Business, and ran the EHWA. Though retired he is not forgotten!
Dude Job
Dynamic Dynamite
Bryan Tann

Questionable List! Based on OOC attitudes! Though as talent of roleplaying and contributions in character they list on my list and have my respect!

Vinny Vegas
Venom/Marcus Swift/Joe Mich
Prez Belcher/Thunder
Cameron Frost
Chris Green
The Game Cain Collosus
Shawn Stewart/The Graz/olde Man Rivers/ other characters he had.
Zack Perry/Above Average Man.. etc.
Kid Dynamo: Sure why not though his stooges get no knods here.

Note IW wrestlers that may make the cut. only not sure mixed on both. Plus need to redo this page.

Mystikal and Smooth Da Hustla
Kadeem Jones
Intruders: Well Hunter and Mark, You guys have a good page and you guys share alot of same opinions.
Prankster Pete and Studly Shawn: The McFarreny Family, The guy who controls these two is a Great roleplayer. Hopefully he'll return one Day.
Mr Shock & Rain : Slys E-Fed wrestlers that I Respect
THE ROCK Joe Demarrco: This Guy can roleplay with the best!
Jason Moore: A friend of mine that is a good roleplayer
Jason Styles: Well this man has some heart and I'll give him that.
King Thunder: All Kidding aside he is another Legend in my book
Karl Doggy Dogg:
Crypt Keeper: Another EWA vetern and a man that wass one of the tops in my book.
Degenerate: This Guy ran the HCWA. Great roleplayer, its a shame he didn't get to showcase his talent in EWA
Cloud Strife: Meet this Guy in EHWA, He was a apart of DX and Great Wrestler
Enforcer and Phantos
SILKK, Syn, El Gringo, Descent, and a few guys a can't think of right now that are E-Fed stars in my book

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