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WebMania!Welcome to my Highlander home page

I'm Bart MacLeod. This a little something about one of my favorite shows on Television todayHighlander. The show is in it's sixth, and maybe it's final, season now. Adrian Paul, the show's star, is getting to the point where he thinks it's time to do something else. Myself and a lot of Highlander fans are very disappointed in his decision, but hey it's his career and we all want to be respected for our decisions in life even if others don't agree or don't want to see a good thing end. I've posted a few pictures for all you Highlander fans to look at, enjoy.

Of course Adrian Paul doesn't make the whole show, there are other actors that help to make Highlander what it is. One other character on the showAmandawill soon become the main character in a spin-off of Highlander. We still don't know what the name of the show will be at this point but I think it will be interesting to find out if Amanda's show will be as good as this one has been in the past. If you click on Amanda's name I'll take you to a small page about her.

Another character that was one of Duncan's best friends, Richie,turned out to be a very important part of Duncan's life. If you click on Richie's name I'll take you to a little something about this Character that so may people loved and miss.

If you'd like to find out who the person is that has written these pages, I've made a little page about ME But you must have a frames capable browser in order to view this page. For a non-frames version gohere

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