A Collection of Sounds to Make the Addict Drool

Note: These excerpts of Lacroix speaking are in the form of .wav files. You can download them by clicking on the file name in orange, then listen to the wondrous sounds ad infinitum. If you need a sound in a different format (.aif or .au, for example), you can contact me (e-mail at bottom of page), and I can send it to you as an attached file. The Download times given are a rough average and are subject to your individual modem, my server, and the Gods of the Internet.

You may notice some of the Nightcrawler monologues are missing! Never fear! Laura now houses the Raven legend, the hellish alchemy speech from BMV, and other bits of wisdom from NightWatch that used to be on this page at CERK 490Mhz, plus many new .wavs! Go visit!

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