A Website Completely And Utterly Devoted To Forever Knight's Lucien LaCroix

A gorgeous picture of Lacroix from 'Father's Day'

Look at him! Isn't he divine?!?
It's no wonder we can't control ourselves!!!

A Forever Knight Webpage. Forever Knight is owned and copyrighted by TriStar/Columbia. The content of this website is intended for fan amusement only.

This web page is provided as a helpful service to those fans who are terminally attracted to Lacroix - or as we prefer to call him, Nunkies (It's an affectionate form of 'Uncle'). Those of us among the severely Nunkies Addicted have formed Nunkies Anonymous, NA for short, a support group for those faithfuls with similar afflictions.

The Top Ten Reasons You Might Be A Nunkies Addict...

The Nunkies Anonymous Mission Statement

The Shrine To Nunkies
Featuring a cornucopia of Nunkies images.

The Nunkies Fantasy Manual

The Jeweled Peach
Fiction written by the addicts, and other bits of fun.

Known Anti-Nunklear Devices

Favorite Nunkies Anonymous Links

Nunkies Anonymous Soundtrack
Scores of LaCroix sound files!

Join the Nunkies Scouts!

The Nunku Page
Because Nunkies makes us feel poetic...

Crescent City Con 1997 Quote List