Hi I'm carol-tan.
I signed up on 10/14/98 05:08:51, but have not moved in yet.

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Email me at carol-tan@usa.net in the meantime.
Please come back soon and visit me.

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匆匆已快三十载, 人生流失三分一

不堪回首来时路, 甜酸苦辣万般尝

披荆斩刺血汗流, 荣华功名付代价

庸碌平淡优闲过, 两袖清风何其乐

同窗趣事犹昨日, 历历在目事事新

窈窕淑女今日嫂, 指日可待弄孙乐

缤纷染缸出污泥, 几人同化几人净

岁月痕迹刻面颊, 但求童心你我心
圣公会中学,高中二班 ( 九六年聚餐 21-02-96)
Anglican High School Pre U 2, Gathering on 21-02-96
Carol Tan's Homepage

Hi! My name is Carol Tan.

Pic above:

My most loved hobby is collecting soft toys. I have a collection of about 100 over soft toys at present. The figure is sure to go up higher. My collection includes cartoon characters such as Pooh bear, Mickey Mouse,Tweety and many others. Woow, they are real cute. I love fixing jigsaw puzzles too. After u have finished fixing one puzzle , the satisfaction is incredible. I have puzzles of Leon, kittens, Mickey Mouse and many others.....

The person I love most is my daughter, she is a very loving girl, to know more about her, click here!

And of coz not to forget all my friends !! Some links to their homepage can be found somewhere down below...

You are the th COOL person who is leaving your footprints here !

If u have any comments of how to improve my homepage, drop me a mail. Hope to hear from u soon!! Also click on the following links at the bottom of the page.

Now it's time to sign my guestbook to let me know the you came here. Please feel free to add any comments so that I can improve on my homepage.

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