Links from the Dark Kingdom

Are you lost when it comes to details on our favourite heroine? If so, then I suggest you read the FAQ and get all the answers you need! This page may not look like the FAQ's on it, but if ya scroll right down to the bottom, parts 1 thru 4 are there!

Check out that cornucopia of information on all sorts of anime, The Anipike!!

To find out information on the voice actors responsible for the North American version, check out Voicestars Homepage and get your fix!

Support Our Sailors! Visit the SOS Headquarters today!

Y'know that "Sailor Says..." segment? If ya check out Sailor Moon's Daily Alternative you can read a new, funnier set of SM Says... It's well worth it, Sailor Moon Says! *giggle*

And I can't leave you without a link to the Dedicated Otaku Anime Club, the University of Calgary's ONLY official Anime club! Since they were nice enough to link their page to mine, it's only common courtesy to return the favour!

Did I miss a link that you'd really like to see up here? Then let me know so I can add it!

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