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Okay... Things aren't moving right now, but I will eventually get around to fixing things and adding images. Remember, this page is still

News on the SOS Front

This section of the page is devoted to providing a quick recap of what's going on at SOS HQ without actually going there (saves time! A must-have in our consumerist society! :D)... It provides important facts regarding the return of Sailor Moon to Canadian (although here she never left) and US television and other exciting things. Of course, more complete and recent information is available AT the HQ.

Anyhoo, the news for now is:

For follow-ups to these please follow the link below:
SOS HQ link

Character profiles:

inner profiles
outer profiles

A link to the image gallery     Here's some kewl Sailor Moon Links!

So... How's the page? E-mail me your comments and praise!neflyte's pic

Oh yeah... The legal stuff! *ahem* Sailor Moon is trademarked, copyrighted (-written, whatever) and owned in general by Naoko Takeuchi and TOEI Animation and in North America, DIC. There may be more, and if so, rest assured they also have exclusive rights. None of the aforementioned parties knows about this page, nor was their permission sought. The pix and information are used without their consent blah blah blah... AND the information was accurate the date it was published in its original form. Okay enough already.
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