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Alex Trenta

Hello, my name is Shane, but on the internet I prefer to go by my handle, Alex Trenta. I live in Surrey, British Columbia,which is a city near Vancouver, Canada. I am very proud to be Canadian, as you can probably guess by all my maple leafs. I enjoy TV, computers, and reading books. My favourite outdoor activies include swimming and cycling.

SFUI attend Simon Fraser University, where I study engineering in the School of Engineering Science.

I have created these webpages as a hobby. I enjoy both Star Trek and Little House on the Prairie very much. I also love to watch Red Dwarf, and always watch the huge marathons that KCTS Channel 9 puts on every once and in awhile.

Here are some links to my fellow Johnston Heights Secondary School Graduates webpages, and where they are currently attending now:

Mike SFU
Dave SFU
Kevin SFU
Scott UBC
Shariar UBC

Here are some other websights that I reconmend that you visit:

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