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April 12, 1998.

What's New!
By Alex Trenta

Welcome to Trek to the Stars update page. Here you can find a list of new updates and webpages available on this Trek.

April 12, 1998:
Well, enough people have complained to me, so here is half of my latest update. I plan to have the other half by the end of April. Enjoy! And to all of those who have sent in nitpicks and other additions for my pages, I still have them and will get to them when I can. Thanks.

December 22, 1997:
Now that I am finished school, exams, and my Christmas Production, I finally have time to update my webpages. Thanks for you patience.

  • Star Trek:
  • Little House on the Prairie:
  • Little House Nitpickers Guild:
    • Over 100 new nitpicks have been added to the regular season pages.
    • Many new General Nitpicks, some dating back to September have been added, including answers to several questions posted from the last update.
    • Unfortunately the Top 10 is still not operation. I am in the process of redesigning it, and welcome any suggestions.
    • Many have commented that my background and text are hard to read, well in relation to the Christmas season, I have changed the background to be more fesitive. Look for other background changes later.
  • Other Updates:
    • Geocities has finally repaired its counting scripts, so all counters on my pages have been repaired. Each page now has its own counter, so you will notice different number of visitors for each page. Many of these counters were reset on December 19, 1997, and explains why many of these are so low.

Enjoy the new webpages, and I am hoping to have my next update near the beginning of January. Happy Holidays.

November 2, 1997:     PART I
This is only half of my update for this month. I ran out of time to complete this update this weeekend, so I am planning on completing the full update by mid-Novemebr. But to keep all you happy, I have decided to post what I have completed. Take a look at all the pages, and don't get upset if you don't find your contribution, it'll probably be added when I complete Part II. Thanks for you patience, and keep up the good work.

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