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Bob Barker to retire at the end of the 35th season of The Price is Right

There's no doubt that virtually every taping of TPIR, Bob Barker is asked by somebody "How long will you do TPIR?" Bob's usual response "I'll be doing the show until I'm no longer able to walk through those big doors." Well, after 35 years of Price and 15 years of Truth or Consequences, Bob Barker will pass the torch after 50 years on the air. We all knew it would happen eventually. TPIR is still a major ratings winner, and it's unlikely that CBS will cancel the show once Bob has taped his final show. Speculation is all over the place as to who could handle TPIR as well as Bob. Bob Barker holds the record for the longest running career on television, a position once held by Johnny Carson, who hosted The Tonight Show for 30 years. Bob has said in an interview that his goodbye on Price will be the same as always, with his message to help control the pet population. I believe the final episode of TPIR will be as big as a million dollar special, but Bob will likely treat it just like any other show.

Who is worthy as host of TPIR? My choices...

Marc Summers- Marc has done audience participation, and once worked on Truth or Consequences as a page, he's seen Bob at work.

Todd Newton- Todd knows how to generate excitement, and he's hosted TPIR in Las Vegas, with great reviews.

John O'Hurley- Yes, I think John can do double duty as host of Feud and TPIR. He's proven to have a great knack for ad-libbing.

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