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My name is Kaiser Hussain and welcome to my homepage. I hope to update it with new items as soon as possible. In the mean time, bear with me as I create my mastepiece. Look at this Bunk Bed that I wish to sell. :) Also, here's a .mov file of my favorite wiener!!(288k)

I have some cd-rom's for pc's forsale. Click here to see the list.

I have just added the Cartoon of the year and there's a new midi(recognize it?). Also visit my Kiss-Ass Turkey Homepage!

Do you qualify to be on the talk show Nightstand? Click here to see if you do!

Links to other sites on the Web

My Kiss-Ass Turkey Homepage!!!
A site with a HUGE selection of winsock software for free
Search for files on FTP sites all over the world!
Pick the winners of sports games and win money! Also, it's free to play
This is the homepage for my favorite online game, Subspace!
This site allows you to auction your junk and buy good stuff from other people!
This is my brother's homepage

If you have any ideas or suggestions about this non-award winning site, just e-mail me. (E)

1997 kaiserh@oocities.com

This many people have seen this page: (Wow! I never knew this many people would visit this site.)

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Kaiser's MIDI Sound Tracks(Theme song from Halloween, the movie)

Don't forget to check the Cartoon of the year!

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