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Welcome to the Chicago Hope Mailing List Homepage! This page was developed to promote the Chicago Hope Mailing list and to give information to list members and those who would like to join the list. I don't know a lot of the background on the mailing list but I can tell you what I do know. I took over the mailing list early in 1998 when former list owner Terrina was no longer able to run the list. Basically that is all of the background I can give you on the mailing list. You can only post to the Chicago Hope mailing list if you join. This was designed so that list members would not receive unsolicited advertisements through the mailing list. It was also designed so that your email address is not revealed to anyone but me unless you post a message, which is just another way to try and keep a bit of security.

To Join the mailing list go to The Chicago Hope Mailing List. The archives for the list are also there, since the change to topica. If you are looking for archives before that time email me, I have copies of them saved on disk.

Many of the Chicago Hope Mailing List members hove their own homepage. Listed below are the homepages of the list members, not all of them involve Chicago Hope. Check back soon for more pages.

Angie's Chicago Hope Homepage

The Peter MacNicol Homepage

Mandy Patinkin Showcase

Sarah's message board

Leigh Colbert Shrine

The Chicago Hope Photo Gallery

The Chicago Hope Photo Gallery II

Tara's Web Experiment

The Chicago Hope Shrine

Mabster's World

Jeff's Jive

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