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This page is the work of a fan, and is in no way affiliated with Chicago Hope, CBS, 20th Century Fox, or David E. Kelley Productions.

1997 Mail me!!

Since June 17, 1997

Last Updated on: 6/19/02

Welcome to my Chicago Hope Page! If you look to your left you'll notice that the links for the pictures and fan fiction are currently working. The Archive is not complete and it certainly doesn't look to pretty, but it's a little better then nothing. I'm trying to update it frequently, not making any promises but I'm going to try.

I've also added a classified ads page. Feel free to add your Chicago Hope wants and needs to the page. Just click on the banner below.

As always please feel free to email me any submissions or questions you may have.

Upcoming Events

all dates are for US unless specified.

Eric Stoltz will be joining the cast of "Once and Again" this fall in a recurring role.
Ron Silver will be joining the cast of "The West Wing" this fall in a recurring role.
Jamey Sheridan is in the cast of the new tv show "Law and Order: Criminal Intent" airing Sunday nights on NBC.
Rocky Carroll is in the cast of the new tv show "The Agency" airing Thursday nights on CBS at 9c/10e.
Adam Arkin is in the cast for "Baby Bob," it airs on Mondays at 8:30e/7:30c on CBS.
Peter Berg will join the cast of Alias for a four episode run starting on Sunday April 7.

Please send submissions and questions to Angie

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