Current Newsletters

Season 8

Date of Episode:

Author: Description: Average Grade:
September 21 UP An illegal parking ticket leads to 'Homer vs. New York" A
September 28 JF Will the REAL Seymour Skinner please stand up! B-
October 19 Josh Freak (Edited DF) Lisa's first sax. C
October 26 MB Halloween #8: "Omega Man"; "Fly vs. Fly", etc.. B+
November 2 UP (Edited DF) Homer wants to join the NRA, but the idea is shot down by Marge... C
December 7 UP Homer gets Snake's old hot rod, but it doesnt stay hot for long... B+
December 21 MB A not so merry Xmas for the Simpsons. C+

Old Newsletters

Season 7

Date of Episode:

Author: Description: Average Grade:
March 16 Josh Freak Reinstating of an old prohibition law leads to Homer, the "Beer Baron" vs. FBI sleuth Rex Banner A-/B+
March 23 Repeat - just grades Bart gets a job at the local burlesque house A-
March 30 Repeat - just grades Homer gets a new job, working ofr Scorpio, but leaves because of family. A/A-
April 6 Josh Freak (Edited DF) Bart descovers the secret love of Principal Skinner and Mrs. Krabapple. A-
April 6 (two shows) Repeat Mary Poppins parody C
April 15 Josh Freak (Edited DF) Bart trades old SLH for a new, "better" dog...but he gets more than he bargained for. A
April 20 Josh Freak (Edited DF) Lisa teams up with Mr. Burns, but learns that you can't teach an old Burns new tricks. B
April 27 Lenny Leone Marge becomes the church "listen lady", but her advice didn't turn out for the best. N/A
May 4 DF Start with Frank Grimmes, the guy who works so hard, but just doesn't get any breaks. Add Homer...well, you know. Mix well and serve cold. B+
May 11 UP Simpson spin-offs: Cheif Wiggum PI, The Love-Matic Grandpa and Simpsons Family Variety Hour. A-/B+
May 18 MB Bart and Lisa are sent military school. B/B-
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