Duncan Mcleod

Duncan Mcleod, played by Adrian Paul, is the hero of Highlander: The Series. The show started out in the beginning of the gathering. During the beginning of the show Duncan brings Richie to his world, as Richie witnessed Duncan fought Slan, another immortal, to the death and witnessed Duncan's quickening. The beginning of the show, Highlander, also introduced Duncan's girlfriend,Tessa.
As time went on, Duncan met some old friends like Amanda and Hugh Fitzcairn and some new friends like Joe Dawson and Methos. Duncan learned about the Watchers during the time of Darius's death. The second to last season finale dealt with Richie's death, which was a heart crusher for Duncan. Following Richie's death, Duncan went through a period in which he did not fight, however that period did not last very long. As Duncan dealt with many friend's deaths, Duncan called it quits in the final episode of Highlander: The Series as Methos and Amanda were held hostage by Liam O'Rourke, an immortal who wanted revenge because of Liam and his wife were caught after British troops during World War II.


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