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P.C. James Adamson

On Sunday July 6, 1997, at approximately 19:00 hours, (7pm) P.C. James Adamson, badge #807, of Police Dog Services, responded to an emergency radio call at 815 Midland ave., regarding unknown trouble.

Upon his arrival, it was soon made apparent to him that the unknown trouble was a baby, with no pulse, who had stopped breathing, P.C. Adamson observed the father holding the grey life-less body of his daughter. The baby was clothed lightly, with blood and vomit coming from the mouth. Acting immediately, P.C. Adamson determined through artificial respiration that the baby's air-way was obstructed. He quickly turned the baby over and delivered four blows to the back in an attempt to dislodge whatever was there. This did not prove to be successful so P.C. Adamson turned the baby over again, reached into the baby's, and by sweeping the inner area could feel a sharp object lodged firmly inside. After approximately 30 seconds he was able to remove a yellow plastic screw-on bottle cap from the baby's throat. Despite his efforts, the baby still was not breathing, and still had no pulse. Again P.C. Adamson acted without hesitation, and commenced CPR. Rather then wait for the ambulance P.C. Adamson, with the baby in his arms, continued CPR and ran out of the apartment to a waiting police car. While en-route to Scarborough General Hospital he diligently continued CPR in an attempt to revive the baby. Upon arrival at the hospital the baby began breathing on her own just as they reached the Emergency Department. The baby was quickly examined by hospital staff and it was determined that there would be no adverse effects as a result of the incident. The baby was admitted to hospital for furthur observation. As the night passed by, P.C. Adamson checked on the well-being of the baby and was told that she was in good condition and doing well.

Had it not been for the quick and continuous efforts of this officer, this incident would have surely resulted in the death of this one year old child.

Special Thanks to The Toronto Amateur Athletic Association for this Information

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