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Episode 1

Spontaneously Combustible - Ickis is diagnosed as being "spontaneously combustible", which means he will have to deal with burping fire for a week before returning to normal. With the thought of "any burp being his last", hanging over his head, and everyone's parents coming to get them because they think he might cause the entire dump to explode, Ickis runs away.

The Curse Of Katana - Krumm, Ickis and Oblina are sent on a scare in a museum, where they find an old Egyptian mummy. Ickis sticks Krumm's eyeballs in the mummy's head for the scare, which is successful, but then he can't get them back out.

Episode 2

Monsters Are Real - When Ickis is "flashed", (his picture is taken) he must get every issue of the newspaper off the streets before anyone sees it.

This Is Your Brain On Ickis - Ickis tries to give Simon the Monster Hunter a nightmare by sticking his finger into his brain - and ends up getting sucked into his brain. Ickis can see through Simon's eyes and discovers he can control Simon's actions as well. Ickis takes Simon's body on a wild rampage through the streets of the city.

Episode 3

Into the Woods - The Gromble threatens to expel Ickis from the Academy unless he can perform a group scare. So, despite warnings from the manual about getting help from humans, he sets up a scare with Bradley to frighten the Boy Scout campfire group.

Krumm Gets the Dreaded Nolox - Krumm is sprayed with air freshener and gets The Nolox, (the hiccups). Everytime he noloxes, something terrible happens, so Ickis and Oblina try to scare them away.

Episode 4

Mayberry U.F.O. - A wave sends Ickis, Krumm, and Oblina flying on a hubcap into a backwater town, where everyone thinks they're aliens.

I Dream of Snorch with the Long Golden Hair - Oblina, sick of listening to Ickis and Krumm debating over who's the "most fearless" monster, dares them to pluck The Snorch's new golden nose hair. When The Snorch wakes up and finds his prized possession missing, he gets into a horrible mood. When he takes it out on his best friend Zimbo, Zimbo makes it his business to find out "who done it."

Episode 5

Garbage Ahoy - Ickis, Krumm, and Oblina hitch a ride aboard a garbage scow - which dumps its cargo in the harbor...

Goin' (Way) South - An explorer's claim that nothing can scare him prompts The Gromble to give Ickis, Krumm, and Oblina a homework assignment, which results in them being locked in a crate that lands in Antarctica.

Episode 6

The Monster Who Came In From The Cold - Oblina wears a "human suit" in an attempt to go "undercover", but after she eats some cotton candy, the resulting sugar rush makes her think she really is a human.

Puppy Ciao - Ickis saves a puppy from being run over, then sneaks the puppy, he names Fungus, back to the Academy, and asks Oblina and Krumm to help him hide Fungus from The Gromble, so he can keep him.

Episode 7

The Rival - A new student can do everything Oblina can do, and better, which leads Oblina to interpret an invitation to go scaring as a challenge.

Hats Off - Ickis steals a magician's hat, thinking that all of the magician's power is in it, and it will make him the most popular monster at the Academy. But, he ends up having nightmares where he is "the Bunny King".

Episode 8

O'Lucky Monster - When Oblina steps on a slug, everybody thinks she's cursed. When one too many bad things happen to her, she starts to believe it too. So Krumm invents a lucky charm for her - a fish head on a chain.

Eau de Krumm - A new perfume, works like a toxic gas on the monsters if they get near it. Can Krumm save them with his smell!?!?

Episode 9

Rosh O'Monster - When the Viewfinder breaks, Ickis Krumm and Oblina tell very different versions of the same scare.

Tree of Ickis - Ickis eats something (a seed) that falls from a tree, and turns into a tree himself.

Episode 10

History of the Monster World - The Gromble shows a movie dealing with the history of the world as seen by monsters.

Fear Thy Name Is Ickis - When Ickis scares a famous artist, he sculpts a statue of Ickis and calls it "Fear". When Ickis sees it, he lets his scaring streak go to his head.

Episode 11

Quest for the Holy Pail - When there's a solar eclipse, Ickis is chosen as the monster to search for the Holy Pail, the most sacred of monster objects.

Garbage In Garbage Out - The mayor announces the "Dump the Dump" recycling project, which results in the dump running empty and the monsters' food supply dwindling.

Episode 12

A Room With No Viewfinder - Ickis doesn't have a scare for the next day's class, so he decides to dismantle the viewfinder. He ends up having to chase after it when it suddenly comes to life and runs off.

Krumm Rises To The Top - Krumm swallows a helium canister, which has him talking funny, floating around and making him really cranky. Ickis and Oblina have to try and keep him safe, while he gets on their nerves.

Episode 13

The Five Faces of Ickis - Ickis needs to perform five scares in one day, so he has himself cloned five times in order to get the job done. Oh, what fun...

Bigfoot Don't Fail Me Now - Ickis, Krumm, and Oblina go with The Gromble out into the wilderness to prevent Simon from capturing Bigfoot, who's one of The Gromble's ex- students.

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