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Episode 1

Guest Cast: Sam Anderson, James Belushi as Simon, Earl Bullock, Marsha Clark, Andy Houts and Katie Leigh

Festival of the Festering Moon - This is the time for all of the young monsters at the Academy to shed their skins. Ickis who hasn't started shaking like the others, is afraid of what happens to the last monster to shed its skin... they must "leave the academy, never to return again".

Simon's Big Score - Simon plants a bug among the monsters, literally. (Krumm eats a "bug" with a listening device attached) This enables Simon to show up everywhere the monsters go scaring.

Episode 2

Guest Cast: Ken Hudson Campbell, Lacey Chabert and Sam McMurray

Krumm Gets Ahead - Krumm has the doctor make him a "head" from a purse, because he is tired of losing his eyes. Unfortunately, he can't get out of toilets with it.

It's Only A Movie - Ickis sits through a "Cuddles" movie (a giant talking teddy bear), despite Oblina warning him that it will give him "pleasant dreams". Ickis says he isn't scared -- until the real Cuddles comes to torment him.

Episode 3

Guest Cast: Terri Apple, Diane Delano, B.J. Foster as Cindy & Joan, Taj Mahal as Ellis Robinson, Brock Peters as The Snorch's "voice" and Ed Winter as Dr. Buzz Kutt

Monster Blues - Ickis runs away after a humiliating Snorching, and ends up making friends with a blind jazz musician who lives in a condemned building. They team up when his "home" is about to be demolished to scare off the demolition crew.

I Heard the Snorch Call My Name - Tired of having Zimbo around to translate for him, The Snorch has Dr. Buzz Kutt install a voice box. Snorch's new speaking ability allows him to show off his intellectual side, which is something Oblina is looking for after too much of her roommates' antics. Zimbo is left feeling very jealous of the fact that The Snorch no longer needs him.

Episode 4

Guest Cast: Xander Berkeley, Liz Georges, Dorian Harewood, Nancy Linari, Bronson Pinchot as Dietrich Duchamp and Victor Wilson

Amulet of Enfarg -The Gromble entrusts Ickis with his Amulet of Enfarg, which Ickis loses during a scare at a Fashion Show.

Bad Hair Day -When a practical joke goes to far and someone shaves off Krumm's pit hairs, which take 17 years to grow back, Ickis uses some hair-grow tonic he found in the dump to get it to grow back. The tonic works a little too well, and the academy is soon "swimming" in hair.

Episode 5

Who'll Stop the Brain? - Too much studying takes its toll on Oblina; her brain leaves her body, turning her into a zombie, while her brain is implanted into the body of a gorilla.

Cement Heads - Three monsters, turned into cement gargoyles after a toenail robbery 75 years ago, are released by Ickis.

Episode 6

Ickis and the Red Zimbo - Ickis finds a radio-controlled plane in the dump and uses it for scares. This annoys Zimbo, because now he is no longer the only monster who can scare in the sky.

Oblina and the Three Humans - The Gromble leaves his nephew with Ickis, Oblina and Krumm. Oblina reads a monster variation of "The Three Billy Goats Gruff", in which a monster who lives under a bridge lets two Germans cross his bridge, because they say the next human will be a tougher scare.

Episode 7

Baby, It's You - The Gromble's baby nephew goes along with Ickis, Oblina and Krumm on a scare at a hospital, where the baby monster gets switched with a baby human.

Monsters Are Fun - The Gromble sees a carnival ride that has monsters that aren't scary, so he asks his two top students, Oblina and Krumm, to scare there. Ickis decides to show them how well he can scare, and gets himself into a very "sticky" situation.

Episode 8

You Only Scare Twice - Ickis, Oblina and Krumm have to scare Agent 411 in one day or they will have to repeat their entire first year of school. But, 411 is so busy trying to save the world, that he won't stand still long enough to be scared. Guest Cast: Neil Dickson as Agent 411, Michael Dorn as Borl and Peter Strauss as Dr. Evil

Less Talk More Monsters - When a radio station announces that they've hidden $50,000.00 somewhere in the dump, it is soon swarming with humans searching everywhere to find the money -- and possibly exposing the academy in the process.

Episode 9

Out of the Past - When Ickis' latest scare attempt is shown on the Viewfinder, The Gromble sees an old foe. He then takes Ickis, Krumm and Oblina with him to settle the score once and for all.

Ship of Fools - The Gromble leaves Oblina in charge of the class while he is away. Her no-nonsense teaching skills don't win her any friends though, which is something she needs desperately when the Academy starts flooding.

Episode 10

Eye Full of Wander - A snake swallows one of Krumm's eyes, and Ickis, Oblina and Krumm chase after it.

Lifestyles of the Rich and Scary - Ickis and Krumm go with Oblina to meet her rich parents, who feel that she's too much of a monster to learn something as "common" as scaring.

Episode 11

Fistful of Toenails - Ickis, Oblina and Krumm watch some old Western movies and start acting like they are in the West themselves. When Zimbo squeals on them, it sets up a showdown in the dump at "High Moon".

Blind Love, Monster Love - Ickis falls in love with a puppet named Judy (of Punch & Judy fame) and "rescues" her, then takes her home with him.

Episode 12

Guest Cast: Xander Berkeley, Christine Flores, Lauri Fraser, Dorian Harewood, William E. Martin, John Pankow as Blook the Granfaloon and Marcia Strassman as Hairyette

The Master Monster - Blook the Granfaloon, fires The Gromble for not teaching by the Rules of Monster Conduct. (because he let his students celebrate after a scare)

Slumber Scare - When Oblina is left out of Ickis and Krumm's activities because it's "guy stuff", she, Dizzle and Hairyette have a slumber party, to do "girl stuff". But no matter where they go scaring, the "guys" seem to be there first.

Episode 13

Guest Cast: Dominic Armato, Mayim Bialik, Lacey Chabert, John Graas, Richard Moll as Big Bunny and Andrew Morris as The Skrink

Wake Me When It's Over - After Ickis eats a foil-covered chocolate bunny, he starts doing spectacular scares... in his sleep. Oblina and Krumm try to stop him before he tries a scare in a Soap factory.

Things That Go Bump - The Gromble assigns a "pair scare", and Ickis' partner is a new student with a secret that comes in handy when they scare at a seance.

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