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The Princess of Venus ~ Sailor Venus Hello people!! This is me, Mara the creator of this page talking. I'll be leaving for college soon, so don't expect any updates or anything untill December 1997. Then I plan to upload more pics, more animated gifs, answer my FAQ's (which I know, but have no time to post), and finally post the Sailor Moon story. I'll also update my family tree! I'll still be getting my e-mails, so feel free to make any comments or anything! Now I won't keep you anymore, enjoy my page, that is what it was made for in the first place!

Hello ! I am Aino Minako, known in the U.S. as Mina. My name means Love to all. Want to know a secret? I can change into Sailor Venus whenever there is danger facing the Earth! Want to know another secret? I used to be known as Sailor V in England, where I lived before I moved back to Japan and joined The Sailor Scouts. If I am a new subject to you, which means that you have no idea who is Mina, go to My Story.

Now, this is not showing off, because as you know if you are my fan (oh, I love this attention!), I hate show-offs!, but I am the most important Sailor Senshi (besides Sailor Moon) because I am the leader of the Sailor Senshis and I am the Captain of the Princess' Royal Guard. In the Manga I am even more important than Sailor Moon, because when we faced Queen Beryl, Sailor Moon killed herself, taking Tuxedo Kamen's life. There I was the one that killed that evil Queen Beryl! I can say that I am the Heart of the Sailor Senshi!

I like many things, especially being beautiful! You must be wondering why if I am so beautiful, I don't have any boyfriends or anything, and how I became a Sailor Senshi!

"In the name of Love and Justice we will punish you!"

I love people, especially my friends!
This is my best friend and I at the Moon Kindom during the Silver Millenium, when we were the princessess of Venus and Jupiter:
We look so sweet!

Minako's transformations and powers as:

Sailor V

Moon Power, Transform! ~ transforms Minako into Sailor V
Mikazuki Power, Transform!
Cresent Beam! ~ A beam of energy
Cresent Shower! ~ A shower of beams
Cresent Slender Beam!
Cresent Super Beam! ~ A bigger beam
Love Cresent Shower! Pour Down!
Sailor V Kick!
(Rolling Screw) Sailor V Punch!
Sailor V Chop!
V-Chan's Shiki Momidashi Sailor V-Chop!
Third Day Moon Power Transform! ~ transforms her into anything she wants, like the Lunar pen.

Sailor Venus

Venus Power (Make-up!) ~ transforms Minako into Sailor Venus
Venus Cresent Beam (Smash!) ~ beam of energy

Sailor Star Venus

Venus Star Power (Make-up!) ~ Transforms Minako into Sailor Star Venus
Cresent Beam Shower (meteor) ~ Shower of Cresent beams (episode 52)
Venus Love Me Chain (encircle!) (episode 65)

Super Sailor Venus

Venus Crystal Power (Make-up!) ~ Transforms Minako into Super Sailor Venus
Venus Love and Beauty Shock!

In Sailor Moon S Mina disguises herself as Sailor Moon to convince Kaolinite that Usagi is not Sailor Moon. She had to make the disguise beleivable, so she had to use her powers. Here she made a combination of Moon power with Venus power that ended up being: Love Me Moon Chain!

Sailor Venus Powers in the Manga

Venus wink chain sword
Cresent Boomerang
Moon Power

Venu's Magical Items

Transformation Pen

Here are Mina's Facts:

Name: Aino Minako (Mina in the NA version)
Birthday: October 22
Astrological Sign: Libra
Bloodtype: B
Favorite food: curry, ramen(instant noodles), any pasta
Least favorite food: shiitake mushrooms
Favorite school subject: Phys. Ed., Gymnastics, especially volleyball
Worst school subject:Math, English, and anything else
Hobbies: chasing after idols, playing games and wasting time
Dreams: becoming an idol
likes: sports and dance
dislikes: show-offs
special strength: leadership
Favorite animal: birds
Has trouble with Mama and the police
Element: Gold
She has been around since episode #33
Japanese voice by: Fukami Rika
American voice by: Stephanie Morganstern

Minako is loved by everyone that sorrounds her. I've made a chart of her relationships with the other Sailors, and the other Sailors Facts. Click
here to see it!

My best pictures of the Sailor Scouts are in the following pages.

We the sailor Senshi don't make just friends, we make families! I as Sailor Venus~Syz , Constellation Warrior Aquarius, and as The Princess of Venus have a wonderful family. If you want to see my family tree and links to their pages or want to be a part of it click here.

If you have any comments of this homepage, need anything about any Sailor, or you have a picture or Homepage that you would like to see here or linked here, feel free to e-mail me.None of the pictures here were scanned by me, if you have any reclamations, feel free to tell me, I will pay attention to any request.

Just like Sailor Venus has a guardian cat, I have a Moonkitty.

His name is Star

I also have a beautiful flower:
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Thank you for visiting my homepage. I hope you had a great time here with Sailor Senshi of Love and Beauty, because that was the whole idea. Now I leave you and remember that:

"Sailor V Stands for Victory"

Here we are still under construction, so watch out!