Welcome to the X-Files

"Trust No One"

The X-Files is a show that has kept the world watching the skies ever since it first aired in 1993. Fans from all over the world have suffered from Mulderisms and Scullysisms. The charm and enchantment of the show and it's characters make us fall in love, not only with the fiction, but with the reality behind the fiction. After four seasons of this incredible show we are left saying I want to Beleive!!

"Deny Everything"

The X-Files is more than a show. It is a world. Our world. One of possibilities, chances, and the extraordinary. Now, come with me and let me show you the incredible world of The X-Files, and Beyond.........

The Characters

Name= Special Agent Fox Wiliam Mulder "Spooky"
Played by= David Duchovny
D.O.B= January 7, 1961
Age= 36

Name= Special Agent Dana Katherine Scully M.D.
Played by= Gillian Anderson

Name= Bureau's Assistant Director Walter Skinner
Played by= Mitch Pileggi

Name= Deep Throat (real Name= Unknown)
Played by=

Name= Alex Krycek
Played by= Nick Lea

Name= X (real name= unknown)
Played by=

Name= Well-Manicured Man (Real name= Unknown)
Played by=

"The Truth Is Out There"

This Site is still under construction!! If you know anything about the show or about any character that is not shown, please e-mail me the info!

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