The Late Barney Massacre-Sounds Page

Today I am truly a counter-cultural netizen!! I was sent a cease and desist letter from an evil, greedy, faceless, big business (the kind that we all love to hate) who muscles out their poor, defenceless, penniless, martyred, dissident enemies by pummelling them into silence with lawyers! Last week a law firm representing Lyons Partnership took the time to send me a personalized (not form, mind you) letter complaining about misuse of their intellectual property, (that being Barney) dilution of whatever, and all kinds of spooky legal jargon.

Actually I'm not slightly afraid of them, I could easily republish the page anonymously and they could play wack-a-mole for the rest of their days, trying to put me out of business, or I could even defy them. I'm no friend to lawyers, either. Those might be options if this page was all about a coherent, meaningful and important ideology that I feel passionate about. In this case, I've got a rather casual, crude and silly theme dedicated to appealing to the emerging cynicism of 14-year-old boys, as they put the naivety of childhood behind them. Hardly a worthy cause to go tangling with an evil, greedy, so on... Besides, I suppose they have a point to make--me messing up their cash cow--but so did I, and now I don't get to make it. Furthermore, I'm sure that there are more constructive ways to save children from Barney, which I had no intention of doing.

Nevertheless, I still have other personal pages which no one can tell me what to do with... 'til I graduate. They even have the same incoherence that this page used to have.

In case you've missed the final point: the Barney Massacre-Sounds Page is gone and won't be coming back. Sorry boys. Blame it on big business.

This page has been hit by disappointed anti-Barney fanatics
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