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Welcome, Dudes and Dudettes!

Just added some new wav clips that were donated by Jeo! Check them out in the media Section!

From 3/7: Been a little while, sorry I haven't been updating much lately but school gets in the way sometimes. I just added a new picture to the Art Gallery! Check it out!

Still getting good feedback on the TMNT CCG, but no new ideas for fixing the javascript code, unfortunately. I also have been giving some wav files and some nit-picks to put up, which I can hopefully do soon.

From 2/22: Changed a few things on the TMNT CCG randomization code so now the cards might work for some of you that were having problems. Still working to make it perfect though.

The response has been so great (our number of hits a day has nearly doubled since the TMNT CCG was released) that we may very well make an expansion set. Still not set in stone, though.

I plan to update the other areas that have been seriously neglected ASAP. Also, there is another big project coming, namely an on-going series of fan-fics starting up where the TV series left off. I used to do a series of fan-fics about the SNES game Final Fantasy 3, which had an immense response, so I've decided that maybe it would be a good idea if I tried keeping the TMNT Toon alive with fan-fics. I realize that TMNT fan-fics are nothing new to the internet, but I plan to make them a bit unique by having them be an on-going series with each one be an episode in itself, but also have some continuity between each fan-fic at the same time (similar to the cartoon show at certain points in the series). These will hopefully be coming out at scheduled intervals (maybe monthly or bi-monthly or something), but we'll have to see how things go. I am also thinking of adding "covers" to each one. There is also the fact that many fan-fics I've seen are based on the comic book series. So hopefully this new project will be enjoyed by all when the fan-fics start coming in.

From 2/21: Just added some groovy banners to the TMNT CCG Area that are free to take if you want to show support for the game on your webpage.

From 2/20: Alright, one CCG problem has been fixed. If you started getting an error window at some point asking if you still wanted to run the scripts on the page then you should be all set now. Even if that wasn't your exact problem, it still wouldn't hurt to try it again anyway. We realize that there are more problems left to fix and we're working as fast as we can. Thanks for your patience.

From earlier on 2/20: Even though the cards have loaded properly most of the time on MSIE and AOL's MSIE for us, it seems that they are causing problems for some people. We're aware of the problem and we're working on it. Thanks for your patience.

From 2/19: WOW! You've officially broken our records for the most hits to our site today! Thanks for all the support! Also, I added a Mistakes and Rule Changes Section to the TMNT CCG area, because I've already found a few tiny errors with the game. Nothing major, just a couple little things that were easy to fix. Still, you might want to know about them.

From Earlier on 2/19: THE TMNT CCG IS HERE!!! WOO-HOO! The two years of work has made this dream a reality and now everyone can take part in this new game! Check it out!

Unfortunately, our Villians starter deck picture couldn't be scanned due to the artist's scanner being broken. It'll be up soon, though!

The site had a HUGE number of hits over the past 24 hours. Hopefully that means fans are enjoying the new cards!



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