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Bob Peck in 'Edge of Darkness'

There is a real honesty about actors like Bob Peck. They tear the layers off, they make themselves raw, and so the words are new-minted every time they're spoken. ... I said to Ian [McKellen], "I can't act like that," and he said, "Neither can I."

- Judi Dench, Plays and Players, October 1977


The actor Bob Peck was incapable of telling anything but the truth when he was on stage and screen. He was, as one critic once noted, a preternaturally honest actor. Both the public and the profession instinctively recognized this quality and loved him for it.

- Lyn Gardner, The Guardian, 7 April 1999

This website was originally launched in September 1998 and most of the material here eventually became incorporated into another Bob Peck website which has now unfortunately disappeared. I have redesigned and relaunched this website as a reference point for those who appreciate the many fine performances of the late actor Bob Peck.

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