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Things About Blockbuster


Blockbuster Video is a Franchise Video Store that has many different locations across the United States of America. It is a place where customers can both rent & buy videos. Most other video stores are privately owned or local like company owned, but Blockbuster is different in a lot of ways than most other video stores. It has a yellow & blue logo symbol with its own gimmicks & friendly people working at each branch with a Blue & Yellow Blockbuster Uniform. When a customer enters a Blockbuster store the doorman or doorlady, one of the employees greets you in a friendly manner saying Hello & how are you same as someone at The Disney Store in many big malls do. Blockbuster does that because they care about all their customers. If a movie does not exist sometimes Blockbuster employees take suggestions from you into their consideration. Some customers like to buy a movie they have frequently seen instead of renting it, so what Blockbuster does in that case is they look it up on their computer & if their main distributor has it they will order it for you. Blockbuster also does special promotions like MCI Phone Company would have a package of 1 month free service provider with three free movie rentals. Blockbuster also sells special types of gift cards too. They have gift certificate cards ranging from 5 bucks, 10 bucks, 25 bucks & even 50 bucks. One time for a combination Birthday Christmas Gift, my brother gave me two 25 buck Blockbuster certificates & I used them for favorite rentals. Blockbuster also sells calendars for a low price & on each of them is, rent two movies & get one free. Plus TGI Fridays a franchise restaurant also has a 5 free rental card if you get 5575 points to redeem at that restaurant. Besides that sometimes they have cards for everytime you rent a movie a hole gets punched & for every ten holes a free movie. In the future Blockbuster will be filled with all kinds of surprises.



Different Sections in Each Blockbuster Store


At Blockbuster Video Stores there are many types of sections all in different categories. The price of rentals is usually around over 3 bucks a rental for both New Releases back in 2 nights which is a red box or Not too new but still on New Release wall back in 5 nights. Those movies still cost somewhere over 3 bucks to rent. However movies in all the other category sections price only comes to 1 dollar now. Those people also have 5 nights to bring back that movie or movies that they rented. When a brand new movie gets just released depending on how popular that movie is there are almost a full wall full of those movies. Most of the others range from 25 to 10 copies or even just 5 copies or sometimes just two depending on how much of a hit that movie was. When it's a super hit then it gets sold as well. The Store has many different sections of all types of movies including the new releases. Theres the childrens sections of the movies that are G rated & cartoons & movies kids like, theres the family section of family movies for both children & adults & theres section for Action, Drama, Comedy, Horror Musicals & other types of sections in each of the different stores. There is also a big section or sections of movies to buy both used before & brand new. Some stores have this type of section too, known as a staff pick or employee favorites. Lots of the employees that work for Blockbusters pick out favorites like for example, Clara will put Adams Family Values, Jurassic Park The Lost World My Best Friends Wedding & many others that she likes the best plus Jill will pick Liar Liar, Out to Sea, Picture Perfect, Kingpin & her many other favorites or Tom would pick, Ransom, First Kid, Jungle to Jungle, That Thing you Do & Many Others & Jimmy would pick Dear God, Mother, Supercop Spacejam & his other favorites. So would many of them in the store & they would all be in special sections. That's how they are arranged.



The Jughead Pick Movies at Blockbusters


Even though I am not an employee of Blockbuster, I am a frequent customer at 2 or three of the locations near me in the New Haven area. I have also been in one in White Plains NY & Nanuet NY. Some of them have staff picks some don't & other types of video stores also had staff picks. Lots of the Blockbuster staff at some of the locations because I was a frequent customer became friends with me. Lots of them say even though its not possible to have an Edward Kleiner or Jughead section. That is an Ed Pick or Jughead Pick of movies for people to rent. Some places have charged less for staff pick but Blockbuster still keeps its same prices. These are movies I would pick for the ten I pick the first time as Jughead pick, movies that I either frequently rent but down own at all. I never rent from what I own so a movie I plan on owning or already own is not a Jughead Pick movie. Here are some of them: Blues Brothers 2000, Zeus & Roxanne, Overnight Delivery, 8 Heads in a Duffel Bag, Mannequin on The Move, Out on a Limb, Leave It To Beaver Movie, West Side Story, One Fine Day, & Bells Are Ringing. Those are the ten I would pick because I frequently rent them a lot. Sometimes when I really like a new release whether its at the theater or newly released on video I would add them to frequently rented or Jughead Pick List. I would also recommend among favorites that I own those movies to a lot of my friends. Besides that a lot of people would pick out the Jughead Picks & bring them to their home plus if someone were to ride a bus with videos or take a flight somewhere & a stewardess gives a child or adult their favorite foods they would eat them & watch the movie recommended from the Jughead Pick at Blockbuster Video.


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