The Connecticut Book Signing that Jughead Enjoyed

About Authors Signing Books at Stores

Many Bookstores in America from inside shopping malls, outsides plazas, & other bookstores on city, country & suburban streets & avenues besides selling books do other things as well. Some of those other things are special booksales advertised on TV, radio, in newspapers, magazines, flyers & many types of other ways. Sometimes employees of Bookstores mostly in the inside malls hand out flyers. However one other big thing happens at bookstores too is when a book is a bigtime bestseller then the author of the book sits at a desk or table in the bookstore & signs or autographs the book. Most of the popular bookstores that it happens at is Waldenbooks, Barnes & Noble, BH Dalton, Doubleday & even some college bookstores of major universities. Sometimes the author sits at the table signing books & sometimes he or she sits on the outside of the store, that is in front of the store mostly in the big inside shopping malls signing the book at the table. Sometimes when you are getting a book signed by the author if the line is not long, you can have either a short chat & ask a few questions or if the author wishes it also have a picture taken with him or her. The thing is to meet the author & get your personal autograph or signature you have to buy the book either before or after he or she signs it. When the author at the store signs it either he or she decides what to write in it or you can tell that author to put some types of specific things in your autograph he or she puts in it. The author will always put your name in the autograph. The way people know about authors coming to shops is the managers of those bookstores put signs in & around the bookstore or they advertise it in the Newpapers & sometimes they announce it on the speaker the day that the author is doing it. Sometimes even flyers get handed out for the author coming or you pick it up at the cashiers counter of the bookstore. In a movie that I have seen a lot & own on video cassette called Morgan Stewarts Coming Home, I did see the scene where Morgan was getting on line to have an author sign a book he bought.

About Author of Positively Connecticut Signing Books

In December of 1998 at the Southern Connecticut State University Bookstore where I frequently shop a lot & know the people at, The author of the book, called Positively Connecticut named Diane Smith, came to that bookstore to autograph that book. The book Diane wrote called Positively Connecticut is about many personal stories that have touched the hearts, customs & traditions from people in the state of Connecticut. Besides being an author of that book Diane Smith is a TV news anchor woman for New Haven CT TV Channel WTNH channel 8 which is part of the ABC TV Network. Lots of the stories Diane put into the book are from many of the people that Diane has interviewed. The line at that bookstore started out somewhat long & I got there about 20 minutes before she arrived & even purchased my book ahead of time. When Diane first arrived she made a speech about herself her experiences & things about her book. She even mentioned many of the Connecticut snowstorms that have happened. At the end of her speech she asked are there any questions or comments & I mentioned how I remember big Blizzard Larry of 1978 when the state of Connecticut was closed for one whole day & Governor Ella Grasso said no one was allowed to bring their cars on the road at all. Plus when the city of New Haven was closed for 2 days that time Mayor Frank Logue, Mayor of New Haven CT at that time said the same thing. Plus I had mentioned to her that in winter of early 1997 when Snowstorm Ellen & Snowstorm Ginger took place, all business including banks were closed for one day & there were 4 different days when I could arrive 2 hours late or get dismissed from work two hours early. Diane in her speech mentioned how she interviewed people during and after Snowstorms Ellen & Ginger. After that people were getting their books signed by her. Some of them got books signed for themselves & others for people they bought gifts for, while I was waiting on line for my turn to come. Sometime later that is two years after my signing Diane came out with a sequel to her book called Absolutely Positively Connecticut. It continues where she left off in her first book from more interviews with people around Connecticut.

Diane signing Jugheads Book & other Books that Jughead Got Signed

When it was my turn for Diane to sign my book & because the staff of that bookstore knew me so well they decided to take my photo with Diane. I squatted down behind the desk next to her & she was happy to have her photo taken with me.The photo just above is of me & Diane just before she autographed my book. I, Jughead was very happy when Diane made that picture pose with me. After that I told her about myself how others at Southern CT bookstore know me & about my cruise that I am taking next summer & my website. I was able to tell her how I did my website & the big vacation plan of taking the cruise & how I was gonna read her book that I bought & she signed on my cruise coming up summer of 1999. She signed To Ed or Jughead(Computer Handle) have a great cruise & let us know about it on the Web. After that Diane wished me a lot of luck. After Diane was finished with me others at the bookstore signed my book. First other person that has signed my book was another customer waiting for Dianes signature that I met 10 minutes before she arrived. Then 3 other employees also signed my book too. After that when the long line slimmed down 15 minutes later I got to tell Diane that others have signed my book after her. I also got to have some refreshments that were served, like cheese & crackers & some melons. Besides Diane signing my Positively Connecticut Book, I have gotten two other signatures from a Waldens Bookshop in the early nineties. One book named the Joy of Being Single was signed by Allia Zobel whom I met with just a short line at Waldenbooks July of 1992 & in May of 1992 a book named 250 ways to be Romantic was signed by Barry Rosen. Allia wrote To Ed Enjoy the Solo Life Its better than you Think & & Barry Wrote Ed I hope you have fun doing the ideas. I will always keep & treasure those books with those autographed signatures.

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