My Naming Roads at Jones Hole Creek



During the summers of 1974 & 1975, I took a Colorado, Utah trip with a group of people, & what happened there was we went on raft trips along the Green River from Steamboat Springs & Craig Colorado to Vernal Utah. One stop that we camped out at was Jones Hole Creek. Jones Hole had a great Creek there where you could bathe & even the water from it was good to drink from. In that area of Jones Hole there were tons of different hiking trails. The fun I had there was naming them both in the summers of 1974 & 1975. Along the Creek was a long trail. I named that very long trail with fine ground, called Creek Parkway. Another trail parallel to it was Rock Boulevard. Plus the other trail which curved around from the beginning of Jones Hole about half a mile up the creek was Creek Rock Avenue. The biggest road Creek Parkway ran from all the campsites at Jones Hole main camping areas to the Indian Petroglyphs, to a Fish Hatchery. Creek Parkway ended at the Fish Hatchery. Even though I never got to the fish hatchery at all, north of that for a long distance ran another highway called The Flaming Gorge Expressway which takes you to Flaming Gorge area in Flaming Gorge National Park in Utah.



Other Roads I named in junction to Creek Parkway Creek Rock Avenue & Rock Boulevard, were Outhouse Avenue which led from an area of Creek Parkway to our campground, Skunk Boulevard, & Raft Boulevard which also led just where you can see the Green River while walking along at Jones Hole. There was also a Bushy Avenue which was close to mountains which also junctioned to Creek Parkway. A mile up Creek Parkway there was a turnoff road not too far from the Indian Petroglyphs called Indian Avenue. There was a swimming hole not too far from Indian Avenue & it had a turnoff road called Swim Boulevard. I did meet the rangers there the first year that I was there. I asked him if he ever walked along Creek Parkway, & he said he walks up Creek Parkway to the Fish Hatchery twice a week. I once even told the Rangers Wife, tell your husband the Ranger that I took a walk along Creek Parkway. Everyone else in my group was so fascinated that I named all the roads & during my second year in 1975, I told many different raft travelers about all the roads I named back 1974 during the 1975 raft trip. Plus in my last will & testamint at the banquet they said to Edward Kleiner we leave roads in Utah to construct of Creek Parkway Creek Rock Avenue Rock Boulevard & others to even build a town with. Someday I don't know when I hope to take a raft to Jones Hole again, then hike up Creek Parkway to the Fish Hatchery & even hike the Flaming Gorge Expressway for an adventure. I will always remember the roads I named at Jones Hole Creek.


That is my experience in the time I was at Creek Parkway and vicinity. So if anyone has road names for just around the Fish Hatchery area or any paths off the Flaming Gorge Expressway, Email them to me & they will be placed on this Jughead Zone Page 

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