Flamer Football & Come to the Flea Market

Before Coming Attractions

Back in 1979 when no VHS VCR's existed I went to the Showcase Cinema Theaters alot & just before the coming attractions they had a special type of ad with Flamer Footballs. It had two teenage boys & two teenage girls throwing around the football to each other at a beach. . All four of them were enjoying it alot in throwing it back & forth. I thought the first two times I saw it , that it either was a coming attraction for a movie or just a movie. Reality was that it was just an ad to come to the lobby of the showcase cinemas with 5 different theaters to buy a Flamer Football at the candy counter. A Flamer Football was like an ordinary football, only with bright silver or gold sparkling lights at the side. Even though it was only an ad, I wished many times that I've seen it before watching the movie, I came to see, that it went further than the two boys & girls throwing the football back & forth to each other. This was what I imagined would happen if a movie was made from that beach scene. The boys & girls would still throw that football back & forth & it was two hours before a hotdog & soda break, then what would happen is motorcycles with 5 hoods would come by causing sand to fall on everyone & knock them down while playing football then they would kidnap the 2 girls & the two boys who would try to stop them get knocked down to the ground. Then the boys would do all they can to try to stop them. One of the scenes would be at that flea market where the guy in the hat who says its free its free its free would get friends of his to help them. Of course I could never come up with a story for it, but even though its almost two decades ago, I still think about it alot.

So if any Web Surfer from this page has any ideas in this story to add into it in any way, Email me & it will get posted later on after I receive it.

Just after or connected to the Flamer Football ad was another ad known as Come to the Flea Market. In that ad, what first happens is a short black haired guy in a hat yells, " Step Right Up, Its Free, Its Free Its Free, come on kid Its Free".

Then during the rest of the ad they show people at all different booths buying good & junky items they could use, mostly second hand items. Of course that Flea Market was a block from Connecticut Post Shopping Center in Milford Connecticut. I went to that Flea Market once back in 1978. At the time that was a flea market, it used to be a Drive In Movie Theater. During my lunch time there while browsing the Flea Market, I did buy two hotdogs there at the way a drive in snack bar used to look back in the sixties. Today it's a new Showcase Cinema in Milford. I will always remember the Come to the Flea Market Ad.

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