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Pleasantville is about how Dave and Jennifer become Bud and Mary Sue the TV characters in a Black and White Sitcom named Pleasantville  similar to Father Knows Best when tranported from a remote control given by a crazy TV repairman. They do so many unusual things in that perfect town. Blast From the Past is about Helen and Calvin Webber during the year 1962 when JFK was president who have built an underground shelter and live in it for thirty five years and raise a child who they send out into the world to find a wife and he falls in love with a girl named Eve.  Scavenger Hunt is about 5 teams of people relatives and friends and servants who have to play a scavenger hunt game to inherit the estate and money of the late Milton Parker. The team that makes the most points wins the inheritance and all of them have wild times getting the items they need to Play To Win. The Barefoot Executive is about a boy named Steve Post who drives everyone especially Francis Wilbanks Crazy at UBC Network. A Chimp named Raffles picks the Top Rated TV shows and it lands Steve Post a  Vice President job at Network by Mr. Crampton the Headman. Heart and Souls is about a four people who die with the driver in a trolley crash who are spirits that get attached to a boy named Tommy and don't know why they are and the driver tells them that they have to get Tommy to finish up what they were doing and it inteferes with his job and girlfriend. Morgan Stewarts Coming Home is about a boy who comes home after many years in prep schools and gets treated like dirt by his mother her campaign manager Jay and who was only asked to come there as a campaign cardboard cutout and he finds love with a girl named Emily that his mother and Jay don't like. 
Home Alone is about a boy named Kevin Mc Allisstare after a family problem with a pizza incident gets accidentally left home alone with two crooks Harry and Marv who rob the house that Keven defends. Home Alone 2 is about Kevin McAllisstar the sequel to the first Home Alone about Kevin getting on the wrong plane to New York City and dealing with crooks Harry and Marv again. Home Alone 3 is about a boy with Chicken Pox who noone believes about the spies in his neighborhood who defends himself against them with his electronic toys after the police don't believe him after he was only trying to be a good citizen.  Overnight Delivery is about a boy named Wyatt Trips who loves Kim very much. He and  Ivy have to chase after the delivery truck from state to state to stop that package from arriving to Kims dorm at her college or it could ruin Wyatts relationship or life.  Whats Up Doc is about a man named Harold Banister who has an attache case of scientific rocks along with Mr. Smith with secret documents and rich lady with expensive jewelery all in a fight scene after things happening at a hotel and a car chase.  Illegally Yours is about a guy named Richard Dice who helps prove an old elementary school mate named Molly innocent with the help of Suzannne and Sharon, from something that Donald Ruth and Harry and Conrad setup who were robbing Keeler blind. 
Dirty Work is about Mitch and Sam who owe the doctor 50 grand in two weeks or less for an important operation. They do a getting even business and one person that gets very involved is a crooked Real Estate Swindler named Travis Cole.  Billy Madison is about a young adult who has to go back to school 2 weeks per grade to get the job of taking over managing his fathers hotel and in order to do it, he has to pass all 12 grades very honestly without paying anybody to do it and he falls in love with his third grade teacher.  Happy Gilmore is about a big time Hockey Player who has to save his grandmothers house from the IRS. To do that he has to play golf and being a good golf player he has to get alot of checks for playing golf and he has to watch his temper too including from wise guy Shooter McGavin. Bye Bye Love is about three men who are divorced and have new relationship problems but still want to have time and love with their children like Vic with his temper, Daves kids accepting Kim and Donnie winning the love of his daughter who is in love with Daves exwife Susan.  Caddyshack is about a caddy named Danny Noonan who is trying to get a caddy scholarship and Judge Smails and Al Czeverick who is big at the mouth and crazy things going on at the Bushwoods Country Club all in a golf game.  Caddyshack 2 sequel to the first Caddyshack is about a construction tycoon named Jack Hartunian for the favor of his daugher Kate joins the Bushwoods Country Club to fit in but is asked by Chandlier Young to not be around there and buys Bushwood away from them. 
The Wizard is about a ten year old learning disabled boy named Jimmy who goes on the road with his half brother Corey and a girl named Haley to play in the video game championships with a mean bounty hunter after them.  Baseketball is about two young losers who get nowhere with any type of jobs but become very famous with a combination Baseball Basketball game which is similar to the Horse Game of Basketball where they have to pysche their opponent teams.  Meet The Parents is about a young male nurse by the name of Greg who is in love with Day Care Teacher named Cindy and in order to be able to marry her he has to meet her parents and get their approval and while Greg is there one disaster after another keeps happening. As Good As it Gets is about a loner anti social romance writer named Melvin Udall who is very attracted to a waitress at a restaurant named Carol Connelly who makes him feel good when she serves him that breakfast every morning and things work up to a trip to Phillie with both of them and neighbor Simon Crazy People is about a guy named Emory Timmons who likes to write ads only with honesty and he gets sent to an institution for help because of it. He doesn't like it at first but later on likes the people he meets there and he falls in love with Kathy Burgess while being there and while hes there the agency needs him and those insane people because his ads made the company many millions.  Mame is about a boy named Patrick Dennis who by Mr. Babcock of the Knickerbocker Trust is left in the care of his Aunt Mame Dennis his fathers sister and she does many crazy things and wins the heart just around the Great Depression of a customer from a department store that she got fired from. 

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