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About The Carnival Cruise that Jughead Enjoyed and things Jughead did on the Cruise


 In August of 1999 I took an enjoyable vacation cruise which I planned for and got at a discount for 10 months on Carnival Cruise, The Fun Ship. The name of the cruise ship I took my Carnival Cruise on was the Carnival Triumph. It was a Four Day Cruise setting sail from the Big Apple to Halifax Nova Scotia and Back. When I first boarded my ship after my train ride from New Haven CT and the Taxi Ride from the Train Station to the Pier where my ship left off I got my Sail and Sign Card. It was the key to my cabin and it was used for drink purchases, and other ship purchases like the massage I got, the things I would buy at the Triumph Gift Shop on the ship and Excursion Tour Tickets. There was an area called the Pursers Office or Information Desk on the Main Floor and I would go there if I had any questions about things on the Carnival Triumph I did not know or understand. On that ship they had a great big area near the Pursers Desk called the Capital. Near it was a big dome with three glass elevators looking better than those in many of the shopping malls. After I boarded and put my luggage in the cabin I walked around and gave myself a big tour of the ship and even went to the spa area and made my massage appointment just fifteen minutes before the lifeboat drill. After that workers on the ship briefed us on what to do in emergencies if something were to happen to the ship. We had to have a lifeboat drill because it was a law established by the coast guard. I along with many of the passengers were super happy when the lifeboat drill ended. After that I went on deck to take photos of scenery as the ship started to move out of the New York Harbor area on the Hudson River. I got to see the George Washington Bridge just about the side of it. As the ship was sailing I did start to meet many of the passengers and a lot of them were friendly to me and vice versa. I enjoyed passing by views of the West Side Highway, and the New Jersey Side of the Hudson River, Battery Park with a View of the Brooklyn Bridge and as we were passing over the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel I got to view the Brooklyn Queens Expressway and then the ship approached the Verrazano Narrows Bridge. After going under that bridge I went to my first dinner on the cruise and had a chicken dinner. Then after that I looked over my paper that they deliver to our cabins called Carnival Capers. That paper which gets delivered daily to our cabins lists all the ships activities for that day. Extra copies are given at the pursers desk. Throughout most of the cruise I did most of my eating of the fine meals on the Lido Deck. They had a great breakfast buffet of melons and French Toast and Regular Toast and Bacon and Sausage with Orange Juice and Chocolate Milk that I liked. At Lunch or Dinner time there I enjoyed the always open Pizza place and the Coney Island Grill where I had hotdogs and french fries. They had a buffet there too. My favorite drink that I had most of the time was Coke. If I wanted any I would have to get them at many of the bars. I would use my Sail and Sign Card to get them. On that deck I have mingled with many passengers and met a lot of them. I did it on my own without the cruise staff helping me. I did get to meet many friendly cruise staff also that liked me. The Triumph Gift Shop was a great place too. There I bought a Carnival souvenior mug and a Carnival tee shirt. One of the others things I have enjoyed the most on the ship was the Club Monaco Casino. I have spent many of the times gambling at that casino first evening and the two days at sea. On Day one at sea I have made a very big killing of 64 bucks at the quarters game with a triple seven jackpot and the slot machine was singing Macho Man. Plus on the second day at sea I made two more killings one from the Piggy Bank quarters machine of over 20 bucks, and the next one was a super duper jackpot of over 100 bucks or 110 bucks to be exact. When that much was coming out of the big jackpot many of the neighbors on their slot machines were congratulating me on my winning that money and when I told the people I met on the ship about it they too were proud of me as well that is cruise staff and passengers that I have met. Other activities I enjoyed a lot on the cruise were in a big showroom lounge called the Rome Lounge. Things I enjoyed in that lounge that our cruise director led were the Welcome Aboard Show the first night and two other big time shows. Those two shows were Wonderful World with the Carnival Triumph Dancers and Century Café also with the Carnival Triumph Dancers. I got to meet two of the female dancers just after the first show with them that I saw. What I liked best in that show was when they did the balloon scene singing Up Up and Away and when the penguins in the tuxes were singing Putting on The Ritz. In Century Café I liked it when they were doing some songs from the play or movie Hair and the Celebrate song when I sang it with my own words of my cruise enjoyment of the Casino my Peggys Cove Tour and all the people I met and posed with and my massage. Two other things I liked so much on my cruise were my half hour massage with a very friendly female masseuse that I chose and the time I got up on the Karaoke show and Sang the song Brandy You're a Fine Girl by Looking Glass. When I asked audience members how I did they said I did well so did the assistant cruise director who led the show. Overall that cruise was one of the greatest vacations I have had during my life and I enjoyed meeting a lot of new people.


Things Jughead Did in Halifax Nova Scotia and Peggys Cove


 The day before our Carnival Triumph ship docked in Halifax Nova Scotia our cruise director had a Halifax Adventure Talk meeting in the Rome Lounge about what there is to see in Halifax and the Excursion Tours they have going around the city of Halifax Nova Scotia. He told us to have our Sail and Sign cards so that we can get back on the ship when the time comes to do so. Mostly during the meeting he told us how we can get around the city of Halifax on our own and about all the excursion tours that he had. The one that sounded the greatest to me was Peggys Cove. After our cruise director was done with his Talk about the Excursion Tours he allowed us to ask any questions if we had any. I asked the assistant cruise director that I became friends with some questions about Halifax and she recommended to me the Peggys Cove Tour. So I filled out the excursion reservation application and waited in line at the shore tours line opposite the Pursers office line and handed it in with my Sail and Sign Card to pay for the excursion of the Peggys Cove trip. I chose Peggys Cove as my excursion tour because it had lots of scenic beautiful sights. The next morning the ship docked in Halifax just before I woke up from a good nights sleep in my cabin. When I went up to the Lido Deck for my breakfast the first Halifax scenery that caught my eyes was the train tracks with a train coming into Halifax. Next thing I did was get off the ship and into the port. People were very friendly to me when I greeted them after I left the ship. Two of the excursion people were super friendly to me. Plus in the building on the inside of the port people were selling all types of souvenirs. I was an hour early for my excursion so the person I became friends with on the dock recommended me to take a walk along the boardwalk on the Fishermans Wharf. I did enjoy the walk along the Wharf to the MacDonald Bridge and back. After I got back it was time for me to get on the motorcoach bus to Peggys Cove. During the bus ride our narrator took us on a tour of Downtown Halifax and a ride on the Citadel Hill with the famous clock tower. After that we drove along a street that led to the outskirts of Halifax. Our tour guide said there was not much along that street but I disagreed when I said there were lots of great shops on it. After that we drove along a scenic coastal highway with lots of beautiful scenery until we got to Peggys Cove. After that we had an hour and a half to walk around the Peggys Cove site. I walked along the scenic beach with the climbing rocks and around the very scenic lighthouse of Peggys Cove. I also took a look in the gift shop even though it was very crowded. After that good look at the lighthouse and beaches and giftshop I took a walk in the area and saw a lot of the people who had scenic country homes in the Peggys Cove Community. A person who worked at the Lobster house where I bought two Cokes from told me about the homes in Peggys Cove. She too was a resident from Peggys Cove. The place where I went to was near a boat dock where people take their boats out into St. Margarets Bay. After that I went back to the motorcoach bus and we took another scenic bus ride back to Halifax. After that I did another independent walk around Halifax. I walked along the boardwalk on the wharf again and it was more busy being later in the day. Then I went into the Sheriden Casino. I didn't do as well there as I did on the ship but I enjoyed the slots I used for the little time there. After that I just took a walk along the streets of Downtown Halifax. I did get to catch a view of the clock up on Citadel Hill from Downtown Halifax and did get to look at some of the shops in Downtown Halifax also. After that I returned to the ship and met a very friendly survey girl who asked me a lot of what I liked about Halifax and my carnival cruise. She was super friendly to me. After she was done was me, I boarded the ship and then took a rest in my cabin from all the walking I did. I enjoyed seeing Halifax and Peggys Cove alot.



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