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Odd Man Out is a family type sitcom that was part of the ABC TV TGIF lineup.Odd Man Out is a super great show about a boy named Andrew Whitney aged 15 who lives in a house with three sisters that always get into his business in any way that they can. They are Elizabeth the youngest one that teases him and sometimes likes to refer to him as a pig and Val the next to youngest that picks on him too sometimes teaming up with Elizabeth doing it, and older sister Paige that also critisizes him and yells at him plus tortures him and tells him what to do plus what not to do alot. There is also his Mom Julia who runs a catering service that sometimes punishes him or sometimes helps him out with love and affection when feeling bad and his Moms sister Aunt Jordan, who runs a modeling agency who either joins up with Andrews nosy three sisters or sometimes gives Andrew advice on things either the right way in relation of his thoughts or problems or the wrong way that gets him in alot of trouble. Andrew does have a friend named Keith Carlson who has a crush on Andrews older sister Paige but is also one person Andrew is happy to spend time with. Sometimes Paige can't stand Andrews friend Keith and she calls him Kurt alot. Andrew always yells out, "His Name is Keith", but Keith tells Andrew "its alright if your older sister Paige calls me Kurt if it makes her happy" besides since Keith is attracted to her and the only time Paige flirts back toward Keith is if Keith has information of some kind to torture or screw up Andrew to hurt him or to get him in trouble with his Mom or Aunt Jordan. He is the only person Andrew can understand alot and is relaxed with completely plus sometimes he is with his Mom Julia and occasionally with his Aunt Jordan. When Andrew wants privacy in his house like watching what he wishes on TV on his own or with Keith to have a private conversation about something that is only their business, then his three sisters always have to appear out of nowhere in many ways. Andrew can't even get time to himself anywhere in that big house where he lives or when wished or have any property or possessions of his own that are in his own room be super private in even trying because of three nosy sisters. Lots of times, Paige, Val and Elizabeth sneakfully find things they didn't know about Andrew then they trick him into letting the cat out of his own bag or getting him to spill his own beans on himself alot. It is the same when Andrew is trying to bring a girl he wants to impress for dating or a special girl to bring towards a lifetime relationship. When he brings that girl to the house then the the 5 of them or sometimes just 4 or 3 say things to screw up Andrew trying to get in good with that girl. When he is trying to get in good with that girl then the sisters do spill the beans to get the girl not to want to have anything to do with Andrew and walk out on him plus sometimes get angry at him, especially the youngest one Elizabeth with sometimes help from Val. In a case like that not only does Andrew not get that girl in working toward a relationship but Val, Elizabeth and Paige sometimes get that girl to yell and get angry at Andrew. Plus sometimes when Andrew says you don't know that thing about me and they say you just told us in a way his that his sisters trick force it out from him. Sometimes even his Mom, Julia tricks him in some ways and even his sometimes fun Aunt Jordan tricks him. Andrew gets very little freedom in his own home which is not his castle but the castle of his three sisters Paige, Val and Elizabeth and his Mom who can ground him and his Aunt Jordan even though she only partially lives there can reprimand him sometimes too. In ways of most of time Andrew is mostly treated like a robot by his older sister Paige and sometimes Val and Elizabeth either on their own in torturing Andrew or assisting Paige. Most of the time in Andrews life, they like to make a super robot out of Andrew. Lots of times when they are angry about other things they like to have Andrew as their scapegoat or blaming tool just for the fun of it sometimes. They also like to make Andrew as uncomfortable as possible in any way possible. Having those three sisters come out of nowhere out of surprise and sometimes his Aunt Jordan or even once in a while his Mom Julia is no help for a teenager like Andrew who finds it ten times easier living at the The Bates Motel than that house.

Photos of the Odd Man Out Characters

Here are some photos of the people from the Odd Man Out TV Show

Here is the whole group at the family TV of their Mom Julia and Andrew and his friend Keith and Aunt Jordon and Paige and Val and Elizabeth

Here are two photos of Andrews Sisters one of Val Elizabeth and Paige and one of just Paige

Here are photos of Andrew and his Mom and two of Andrew with his Aunt Jordon

Here are photos of Andrew of Odd Man Out

Here are photos of Andrews Mom Julia and his Aunt Jordon

Things that have happened with Andrew and others in Episodes of Odd Man Out

Here are some things that have happened with Andrew and others in  many of the Odd Man Out Episodes:  Andrew and Keith were just sitting down to a favorite TV show with a pizza they called their own and about to watch some baseball sports show entering the sixth inning with just each other in front of the TV set, first Aunt Jordan comes in and wishes to watch the ice skating show, then his Mom Julia wishes to see it then the three pesky sisters want to see it and his Mom asks them to vote and Andrew is outnumbered by everyone. Next Andrew and Keith have to do a chemistry assignment for school and Andrew wants to take Lauren to a different place to do it like the NewstandCoffee shop but Lauren says they rather do it there then all 5 of those females take over her.When Lauren first arrives both Andrew and Keith tell her they are  ready to start on the chemistry assignment but Lauren would rather do it at the house than at the Newstand Coffee shop then all 5 of those females walk in and want to meet Lauren and  Julia asks her if she wishes to help with her latest catering  project and Lauren says yes and she does help her and Jordan  and Paige Elizabeth and Val out and his Mom says for now we  don't need you. When Andrew asked her about the Newstand coffee shop Lauren thought he asked her for a date after she was done helping Julia but Andrew tried to tell her you misinformed me. Andrew only wanted Lauren to work on his and Keiths science project with him not date him, but Kendall  was whom Andrew was really interested in and he asks his Aunt  Jordan for advice and she kind of gave him the wrong type of it, then when Andrew lied to her not wanting a relationship his Mom, Julia was upset and so were his three nosy sisters Paige the teen and Val and even very young Elizabeth whos super  nosy about every little thing Andrew does. At the department store Andrew makes a good impression on Kendall but when he first, however when he brings Kendall to his home it goes super okay but then big  mouth Elizabeth says something to Kendall about Andrew dumping Lauren for the date she wanted and they both walk out on him. Then his Mom tells him to be honest with both of them and because he gave them both flowers he thought things  were patched up with both Lauren and Kendall but he lost both of them permanently anyway and his interfering three sisters  still got nosy into his business. In another episode, Keith can get free tickets to a concert from his uncle but Andrews Mom says no because she has a no concert until 16 rule but Andrew can't sneak out because of his three squealing sisters. Val comes in and demands the 10 bucks Andrew owes him and little Elizabeth as usual says something very sarcastic to him, about him not wearing his biking helmet and his Mom asks him where hes going and he says to school and he says its like a Roach Motel and the Bates Motel is a better place for me to live than my own home. Andrew tells Keith while sitting at the kitchen table with him that since his three sisters always enter his room without knocking before entering he decides to sneak and look into a private envelope with Keith and just seconds after it his older sister Paige walks in and catches them at it and Andrew tries to hide it from her. Paige uses her charm on Keith who has a crush on her and he tells her about them looking at their Moms Will or Last Will and Testament and then Aunt Jordan gets jealous of Casey Norton being the new guardian if something should happen to their Mom. So Julia and Jordan get into an argument and to settle it, they decide to trade lives for that day by having Jordan take on the motherly responsibility of the four kids. Andrew decides to take advantage of the fact that Aunt Jordan is in charge that day, his fun Aunt Jordan and Keith is washing dishes to score points with Andrews Aunt Jordan for himself and Paige walks in and Andrew doesn't want to say anything because he is afraid Paige will squeal and Paige turns on her charm again to Keith and Keith has no choice but to tell Paige that he is washing dishes for both of them to score lots of points with Aunt Jordan the guardian of the day. If his Mom said that Aunt Jordan was in charge that meant that if she says yes to that concert then Andrew could go. After Keith spilled the beans or let the cat out of the bag to Paige the time that Paige turned on her charm to him, Paige then said to Andrew or blackmailed Andrew that I won't squeal to Aunt Jordan that you are not allowed to go to that concert, if you get me those souveniors I wish at that concert. However when the phone rang and there was a call for Andrew, Aunt Jordan told his Mom that he was at the concert then Julia said to Jordan that Andrew is not allowed to go to any concerts until he is 16, and when Andrew came home Aunt Jordan was angry at him for deceiving her and she was not Fun Aunt Jordan that time, she was Mad Aunt Jordan or parent Aunt Jordan and his Mom said sure Andrew will hate you for that but thats part of being a responsible parent and Julia decided in her will that Jordan will get responsibility with the kids instead of Casey Norton. Plus in another episode,Andrew is waiting a million years to get his turn into the shower and Paige is hogging the bathroom while he is waiting and like a million people on the planet earth he doesn't like to wait especially to three sisters that control him like a robot in the house and his Mom Julia criticizes him about how he has not been acting good lately and a cold shower could do him no harm after his sister Paige and others use up the hot water. While Julia her Mom is trying to tell Paige shes been in the bathroom long enough Keith wants to go in to bring her a towel, but Andrews Mom Julia says no. After that Julia says forget the shower or you will miss the cute girl at the mall. Andrew wishes to meet Jenny Vargus there. Andrew asks Keith how did my Mom know about Jenny Vargus shes says I didn't you just told me. He tells his younger sister Val don't think about taking a shower I now own the hot water, but she antagonises him back and Elizabeth does it next. Finally Paige comes out of the shower and she said I took a long time to look my best for my friend Caroline who is gonna be taking my photo. But Keith said you look best to me and when the doorbell rings Andrews Mom asks him to get the doorbell and what happens is while Andrew is anxious to get to the mall to meet Jenny Vargus he opens the door and gets anxious and attracted by Carolines appearance and forgets there is a Jenny Vargus at the mall. Caroline never knew that Paige had a brother and Andrew wants her so badly that he lies about his age to her and tells her hes 18 instead of 15. Andrew puts on the charm and smells Caroline and tell her nice things about her fragrance and she is super impressed by him. Andrew jumps for joy about how impressed Caroline is with him before she goes to see Paige. While Julia is doing a catering job and Aunt Jordan walks in, and mentions that she broke up with Robert, Val and Elizabeth for once criticize Jordan instead of Andrew for a change but Jordan can criticize her neices back when she wishes too. Jordan then tells Julia she will not date any kind of bad boy then Paige walks in angry at her brother for flirting with her friend Caroline which he had no right to do. She said you don't have a car nor do you have license nor enough money. So Andrew gets mad back at Paige saying theres no way any of your friends would be interested in me, however she says no that's wrong theres no way any girl at all would be interested in you. Andrew goes to the camera shop where Caroline works and asks her on a date and she says I have the house to myself so she says come on there and Andrew accepts the in house date with Caroline. While Andrew is in his room talking to Keith preparing for his date with Caroline his two younger nosy sisters Val and Elizabeth walk in to his private room and they go through his private backpack. Julia come in and tells them both to leave the backpack alone and close the door on the way out and she says to Andrew your Dad would have given you cash and wished you luck so she decides to let Andrew date Caroline even though she was an older woman. Julia also slips Andrew some cash just like his father would have for any date he had. On his way there Paige tells him I decided to let you have that date and make a big fool of yourself in a different way of hurting you rather than stopping you like I originally did. When Andrew arrives at Carolines house shes glad to see him and she gets too over affectionate beyond Andrews speed and flirts too fast for him and he thinks hes not ready for it and meantime his Mom and Aunt Jordan are very concerned too and Aunt Jordan wants to go to that house and drag Andrew out of there. His Mom is concerned too and she says if she does that Andrew will lose both of our trusts in her and she doesn't want her sister Jordan to go there either. Meantime at Carolines house Andrew just wants to talk about his favorite TV shows interest but Caroline is just anxious to do too much more hugging and kissing of him which Andrew claims hes not too ready for yet. Andrew likes affection and hugging and kissing but not the way Caroline does it too too fast in the beginning. His resisting of her affectionate flirting makes Caroline think that Andrew is not attracted to her but however he tells her he is very attracted to her, but Caroline says you are only saying that to be nice to me, you really don't care. So Andrew decides to go in the wrong direction toward Caroline then she admits to him that shes more inexperienced at dating than he was. Then Andrew apologizes to Caroline and then he decides to just leave the house. The others there mostly his Mom is concerned and especially Paige. Andrew came in and told his whole family there that the date with Caroline was a super total geekout. Then after Andrew leaves everybody in the kitchen who was concerned until Andrew made that speech about it being a wipeout, they all admitted that Andrew knew how to handle himself and not get too futurely involved with an older woman too quickly. Paige said for once in her life Andrew is totally not that bad a brother but she says to Keith and Aunt Jordan and her Mom and Val and Elizabeth don't tell him I said that then she says who wants to look at 500 photos of me and Keith is first in line with a lot of anxiety until his eyes bleed. Plus at one point in time Keith did this: Keith enters the Whitney House and Julia the mother is there he greets her the same way Eddie Haskell greeted June Cleaver many times with How do you do Mrs. Cleaver, Nice Dress Mrs.Cleaver and Nice Hairdo Mrs. Cleaver. Most of the time when Eddie Haskell turned on the charm to June Cleaver she was not impressed one bit after all she knows his history of being a sometimes bad influence on Wally and sometimes Beaver. Keith goes Good Afternoon Mrs. Whitney you are looking lovely today and she tells Keith there are no Brownies but doesn't like it when word old is in the next complementary quote. After Keith apologizes for saying old in the complement then Mrs. Whitney tells Keith theres cheesecake in the refrigerator but Andrew wants to know why Keith is being complementary toward his Mom besides for the cheesecake. One time at a model party however after it was over Keith and Andrew were in a real arguement about something but later on however, a blonde model tells Andrew to calm down and gives him affection and a brunette does the same with Keith and they cross fingers and wink at each other secretly later on pretending to fight to keep on getting those models affections, but a little later on the two models are wise to them and walk out on them.


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