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Jughead and Soda Machines


In all my life I have run across many types of soda machines. Sometimes I would want a drink of Coke and any type of soda either because I was really thirsty or the site of the soda machine being at the place would turn me on. All types of public places have soda machines and candy machines and all types of vending machines. When I was a kid back at the old Alexanders in Paramus New Jersey, they had soda machines from the outer doorway of that mall into the store of where the shopping is done. They also had machines nearby the restroom or water fountains or Lost and Found and Return departments. In the sixties, seventies and eighties I have crossed paths with many different types of soda machines. There are some that were in old fashioned gray that just have the soda flavors to push buttons and it comes in a cup in the machine. You do have the option of either ice or no ice. You usually push the No Ice Button just after you make your selection of what flavor you wish to chose from on the machine. A store in Hillsdale New Jersey named Valley Fair had that type of soda machine where you get a cup from when you put your money in and make the selection. Sometimes when I would shop to other departments at Valley Fair and would go upstairs they would say to me sorry you can't bring your soda upstairs. Other types of Soda Machines including the coke ones would come out in Bottles where you have to use the bottle opener on the machine to open the bottle. Some of them come in cans. At first you had to get a can opener to open the can. Later on they had pulltabs on the can. First time in the sixties when I noticed the pull tabs was at the Old Barettas Gas Station which got changed from Esso to a Texaco Station. The Gas Station called Exxon today was known as Esso back in the sixties and early seventies when I was a kid, preteen and teen. At some gas stations when you get a Coke or any type of soda from a bottle machine including from some Gulf Gas Station that I went to, you would get a two cent deposit for returning it. At one field trip in Bear Mountain New York when it was our snack break time I went to that soda machine there and bought about 4 sodas in a row because I was super fond of that machine there. Before the early seventies before they charged money for maps, maps were always free at most service stations or gas stations. Sometimes while picking up my free maps I would spot a soda machine at the gas station and have the urge to buy a soda at that machine. After that at many types of places like department stores or office buildings or colleges like the campus centers or even the dorm lobby I would come across many kinds of soda machines and use them a lot. Sometimes at pit stops or gas station stops I would get a soda there at a soda machine too.

Here are Two Photos of me nearby some Soda Machines I passed by in my Travels



There is a soda machine on the Internet to try out like you are putting money in and getting a soda either for thirst quench or usage of a soda machine because its there, known as the
Virtual Soda Machine.


Jughead and Coke




My favorite type of beverage in the whole world that I like to drink is soda. My most favorite kind of soda is Coca Cola or Coke.  When I go to restaurants to have my meals or to pizza places I always buy a coke. When I go shopping at supermarkets to buy my groceries I always buy a Coke or other soda flavors. There are Coke Companys and factorys in many parts of the United States or America including New York City, however the main Coke Factory headquarters when Coke has originated is in Atlanta Georgia. When I was riding home from my school on a daily basis in The Big Apple back in 1972 I would always enjoy looking at the Coke Factory on First Avenue in New York City. At that same year when I bought 2 plain hotdogs or franks from a pushcart I would buy a can of coke with it. At the camps I went to when it was canteen time I would always be happy to have a coke with it. The logo of the cans and bottles have changed from what I remember back in the sixties seventies and eighties. I remember back in 1980 when McDonalds sold us Coke in a Coke glass each time I would go there for my snack and drink. I would say to the clerk at McDonalds, medium Coke in a glass. I have drank Coke at many restaurants and at many places in all my life. I have even drank it in my own home when I rent a movie favorite or view a movie favorite with a whole pizza that I order. Coke has originated in 1886 by Dr. John S. Pemberton and Frank Robinson at place called Jacobs Pharmacy on Marietta Street in Atlanta Georgia. Sometime the next century Jacobs got changed to Revco Pharmacy. After that the next century it kept on growing. The first place it started to grow at was Biedenharn Candy Company of Vicksburg, Mississippi. After that around 1923 it started sellling just for 5 cents at many merchantiles and small stores and some grocery stores and supermarkets and other places. Plus it became super big when it got sold to many soldiers in the army at army camp canteens before during and after World War 2. Also other products have also been sold by the coke company like Fanta Orange and Root Beer Soda and Sprite and Tab. Later on Diet Coke took the place of Tab. Plus also a Cherry Coke Flavor also came out. In 1983 someone decided to change the way Coke was made and had a can and bottle looking totally different and it was made differently and called New Coke. However a lot of people who missed and was use to the originally formula liked the old way better so they decided to have the Coke Classic sold also and on its bottles and cans which got labeled the same way instead of it saying Coke or Coca Cola it said in the same way logo, Coke Classic and Coca Cola Classic. One year later the name of New Coke got changed to Coke II. In all that time the logos for both the cans and bottle in the times Coke was produced has changed. In my times during the sixties and seventies the bottle sizes and shapes and labels with logos and symbols have always changed. In the late seventies when bottles went from glass to plastic they for the first time had the two liter bottle. Plus after I have finished my drink I take them back for a 5 cent deposit in a plastic bag full of them. At first a man there would count the bottles and give me a receipt for them or the money cash. Plus just like eggs at Olesons Merchantile I would get either cash or use it toward my next grocery purchase of credit on the total bill. Today however I bring back my coke plastic bottles and other coke bottles and cans to a machine you insert them in yourself at Stop and Shop.



Jughead and his Coke Advertising History



During the sixties and seventies and eighties during my time the Coke Company had to sell its product in many ways. They would advertise on TV Commercial and on radio commercials and in Magazines and Comic Books many people read and in Newspapers. Plus when you were riding in a car you would see them on many Country Road Signs and Highway Billboards. Lots of the ways Coke did the advertising has really entertained me a lot. The first type of advertising I heard about was Be Really Refreshed or The Pause that Refreshes. One advertisement in the sixties that has sold Coke to many people and that caused the company to make millions when a cup of coke or a can of coke was only 10 cents at the time was Things Go Better With Coca Cola, or Things Go Better With Coke. Part of it was in the jingle song was Coke has the taste you can never get tired of. When the radio kitchen was turned on and I was listening to the news that Things Go Better With Coca Cola Commercial always came up and it did on car radios too. During the next decade of the seventies a new big time gimmick came up called It's the Real Thing. That was just at the end of my preteen years. It's the Real Thing came up from the early seventies all the way to just after the Bicentennial years. The New Seekers had a song called I'd Like to Teach The World To Sing. During Cokes Real Thing years, they made a song sung to the tune of it called I'd Like to Buy The World A Coke which verse was I'd like the buy the World a Home. At the end of the song its go, It's the Real Thing Coke Is, What the World Wants to See Coca Cola, That's the Way it Should Be Coke Is, It's the Real Things Coca Cola. Coke sold a lot when they copied the I'd Like To Teach the World to Sing with its Real Thing Campaign. When I was taking that long ride to New York City from the suburb where I lived to school everyday I would hear that I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing Real Thing Coke Commercial a lot. When my teacher at the music school back in 1972 did that I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing Song with the class, and the final It's the Real Thing Verse came up, I called out Coke it and the Coca Cola. Plus in 1981 when my piano teacher and I did that song for me to learn to play on the piano, both of us put in the extra Coke words in it. After that just before the Bicentennial they did a Look Up America Real Thing song that I liked. Then in 1977 came a Coke Adds Life song. When I was on a tour and did a commercial on stage I sang the Coke Adds Life song and said at the end "Have it by the Slot Machine Coca Cola". After that added on to Coke Adds Life came Have A Coke and a smile then after that came Coke is it. Then they had to do separate Advertising Ways for Classic Coke and Coke Two. I was always entertained in many ways that Coke did its advertising to keep on selling its product.


Credits for lots of the Coke and Soda Machine Graphics to to Leslie of Leslie's Coke Page and some info I needed for slogan and advertising history along with my own Memory goes to Lisa of Lisa Coca Cola Rules Page.




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